Starter Kit for Analytic Apps

Accelerate Business Decisions With Self-Service Analytics

Analytic Apps Starter Kit

With analytic apps, anyone can run a data analytics process. Learn more about them with our Analytic App Starter Kit. This starter kit provides three examples of analytic processes that can be turned into analytic apps.

  • Predict and Optimize Inventory
  • Monitor YTD Finance KPIs
  • Analyze Employee Satisfaction

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Starter Kit Features

Predict & Optimize Inventory

Optimize inventory and identify predicted order and exhaust dates to predict purchasing behavior while reducing bottom-line costs and increasing top-line revenue.

Monitor YTD Finance KPIs

Leverage analytic workflows to monitor financial performance and set parameters to respond to changes in expected activity.

Analyze Employee Satisfaction

Stay up to date on employee satisfaction and identify areas of concern.


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Edward Green, Head of Commercial Technology at McLaren Racing


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