CUSTOMER Analytics Starter Kit

Winning in the age of the customer requires more than just making customers happy — it’s about how to make them happy. This insight requires digging deep into your data, from social data to campaign responsiveness data, transactional data, and more. Download this starter kit and build deeper customer insights that directly impact your business.

Starter Kit Features


Learn how to optimize customer reach with deeper segmentation. See an example of how to take customer demographic and psychographic data and analyze it to create unique customer segments for marketing, and then output to Tableau for consumption.



Learn how a company can calculate Life Time Value (LTV) for its customer base using sales data to predict which customers are likely to have an LTV in the top five percent of their cohort, then output the data to Tableau for consumption.



Work through this workflow and learn how Alteryx can be used to prepare survey data for sentiment analysis. Use data prep tools to clean and reformat survey data for analysis and then output to Microsoft Power BI.



Use this guided explanation to understand how the Logistic Regression tool can be used to predict whether a customer will purchase the product you put on sale. See how you can easily output insight for visualization into tools such as Microsoft Power BI.


“We have placed many tasks through Alteryx which has resulted in a profound accumulation of time saving boosts to our efficiency. One such example is how we’ve transformed our customers reporting packs from a task that took 8 hours to only 30 minutes.”  
— Simon Prior, Business Analysis Manager, Wolseley

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