Starter Kit for Fanalytics

Get Started Analyzing Sports

Sports and data fan? Try Alteryx sports analytics templates to predict game outcomes, analyze player stats, and more.

The Fanalytics starter kit is a great way to get started learning Alteryx. With datasets, customizable analytics templates, and exciting use cases, you’ll be up and running in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our Fanalytics starter kits will unlock your full potential and transform the way you approach analytics for your business. Join the Alteryx revolution today and unleash analytics for the win!

Included in this Fanalytics Starter Kit, you will find

  1. Virtual Caddy App (Golf)
  2. Masters Tournament Predictions (Golf)
  3. Unlock Insights from Women’s International Football Data (Soccer)
  4. The Big Under Achievers (Tennis)
  5. Assemble Your Dream Team (Cricket)
  6. Predicting Business Outcomes with Randomness (Football)
  7. Race Your Way To Becoming An Analytics Champion (F1 Racing)

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Starter Kit Features

Start Learning with Sports Data (Data included)

Use our pre-made workflows to explore Alteryx tools with free to use datasets.

Get familiar with new tools by solving a fun use case

Take your passion for sport and apply it to solve interesting challenges with new Alteryx tools.

Find new paths for solving

Don’t stop with one sport. Try them all and see how fast you can complete them all!


Good analytics leads to good decisions, and good decisions lead to championships.

Gregg Popovich, NBA coach


Take the Sports Challenge

2023 Masters Predictions Challenge
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Virtual Caddy Challenge
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Unlock Insights from FIFA Women’s World Cup Data
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