Drive Efficiency in Tax and Audit

Leverage the Alteryx Office of Finance Starter kit to jumpstart tax and audit transformation projects. Reduce time and effort spent manually wrangling and reconciling data with legacy tools and processes. Innovate and modernize tax and audit processes with automated self-service analytics.

Get Started with Sample Tax & Audit Analytic Workflows

Tax and Audit Analytic Workflow


Download the Office of Finance Starter Kit to get started now. With these pre-populated workflows and solutions, you can tackle a variety of tax & audit projects such as:


  • Sales Tax Reporting

  • Income tax provision compliance

  • Fixed Asset Depreciation

  • R&D calculations

  • Sales apportionment


  • Populating testing

  • Substantive Testing

  • Risk analysis calculations

  • Compliance Documentation

  • Internal control testing


Starter Kit Features

Reconcile Assets and Liabilities


Quickly reconcile your balance sheet and easily identify discrepancies without wasting hours wrangling data in Excel spreadsheets or data from financial systems.

Forecast Cash Flow


Project future inflows and outflows of cash to optimize runway and manage working capital.

Monitor YTD Finance KPIs


Leverage analytic workflows to monitor financial performance and set parameters to respond to changes in expected activity.

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