Healthcare analytics poses unique challenges. Not only is the industry constantly changing, but lives can depend on your organization’s speed and accuracy. Download the Healthcare Starter Kit to learn how the Alteryx APA Platform™ can help meet the needs of every stakeholder in the healthcare industry.

Starter Kit Features


Predict future insurance payments by creating a model with the Linear Regression Tool and the Score Tool.



Using data provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, prep and parse patient satisfaction survey data to identify trends and areas of concern.



Create a model using the Linear Regression tool and the Score tool to identify patients at high risk of developing diabetes.

“We serve 17 markets and millions of patients, so we have tons of data to make sense of. Our workflow allows us to input and scrub the data prior to passing through to a reporting tool, while also creating meaningful metrics used by internal audiences to make decisions. The beauty of Alteryx and the reason we love it to death, is we're able to effortlessly automate content delivery for our 3 types of audiences, in the format they are familiar with.”  
— Ryan Richardson, HCA Healthcare, Use Case

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