The Office of Finance handles data from everywhere. From legacy systems to modern implementations, trying to connect the dots can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Pulling together reporting, KPI metrics, and analysis just add to the layers of complexity. Download the Office of Finance Starter Kit and learn how to cut through data complexity and move beyond inflexible spreadsheets.

Starter Kit Features

Asset And Liability Reconciliation

The Balance Sheet Reconciliation workflow brings in data from disparate sources and identifies outliers and discrepancies to ensure financial statement balance.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Record revenue and expenses in real time to automate cash flow reporting and generate monthly, quarterly, and annual forecasts.


Currencies And Tax Calculations

See how to calculate positions, liabilities, and exposures to reduce risk and better assist tax planning. In this workflow, see how complex spreadsheets and varying currency data can be simplified to bring data sets into a standardized, reportable format.


Finance Kpi YTD

Gather KPI metrics with ease. See how to standardize and normalize data sets to create an easily consumable report.


Indirect Tax — Sales And Use Tax

In this workflow, you will blend multiple streams of data to manage regional variances in sales tax computations and reporting.


Risk Ring Analysis

The risk ring analysis template identifies and audits accounts of interest in a fraud ring by using Network Analysis, which provides an interactive visual representation, to detect potential fraud.


Sales Tax Analysis

Blend and prep sales tax data from multiple jurisdictions to create repeatable workflows that provide critical insights and ease reporting constraints.


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