Public Sector Starter Kit

Data, or specifically the insights unlocked by analytics, is a critical resource for the public sector. Data-driven insights enable public sector organizations to accelerate program outcomes, optimize resource utilization, and make informed decisions to improve the quality of life for the populations they serve. Download the Public Sector Starter Kit and learn how the Alteryx APA Platform™ can increase the scale and speed of insight throughout the public sector.

Starter Kit Features

Analyze and report on traffic fatalities

Visualize and unlock insights regarding road safety and fatalities through a code-free, advanced analytic workflow.


Create a dashboard on public education financial data

Share insights about funding levels in public education with the help of a robust pallet of advanced analytics tools.


Explore and visualize consumer complaint data

Uncover anomalies and advocate for constituents by analyzing vast amounts of data related to consumer complaints.


Forecast the crime rate with a time series analysis

Understand how actual crime rates compare to forecasts and seasonality over time in order to make informed decisions about resource deployment.


Predict hospital length of stay

Use predictive analytics to forecast a patient’s length of stay, ensuring adequate staffing levels and that patients have access to discharge and outpatient services when they need them.  

“64% of agency leaders say the most important reason for analytics is informed decision-making.”  

— "How to Develop a Data Centric Government,” eRepublic

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