ALTERYX + QLIK Starter Kit

Producing perspective altering insights means getting the most value out of your data by building powerful models before exporting those insights into visualizations. Download this Starter Kit to see how you can go from raw data to incredible insights you can push out for visualizations in Qlik.

Starter Kit Features


Learn how to take data from different sources, such as Excel and Survey data, and that are laid out in different formats and join them into one easy to use file before outputting to Qlik.



Quickly break data into multiple columns by transposing the data, and then input key formulas to prepare the data. End by outputting the data to Qlik data eXchange (.qvx) and Qlik Sense Visualization (.qvf) files.



Build A/B (or market) tests models, which can be used to rigorously examine the potential impact of changing tactics prior to fully implementing the changes for all customers or stores, for visualization in Qlik.



Blend together customer data, store data, and transaction data from different sources and predict if a customer had a high or low propensity to respond to a targeted marketing campaign then quickly share this model for consumption in Qlik.

“Alteryx has been a natural fit. It gives our business analysts the ability to connect to the tools IT has already built and work with them to build new solutions to integrate with Alteryx and other tools. We're connecting hundreds of new trucks every day, and with Alteryx, we can stream high granularity insights to support our services.”  
— Isaac Otto, Connected Vehicle Analytics Lead, Daimler Trucks North America

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