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Understand Your Customers on a Whole New Level

Retail Starter Kit

This Starter Kit includes analytic templates for customer acquisition analytics, customer lifetime values (LTV), customer segmentation, and more to increase sales and ROI.

Starter Kit Features

Customer First

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Blend e-commerce and in-store sales data plus add product detail to analyze historical sales data to understand which channel(s) contribute the most to customer acquisition.

Analyze Customer Lifetime Value

Use sales data to predict customers that are more likely to have a lifetime value in the top 5% compared to their cohort and send the data to Tableau to visualize and explore.

Customer Segmentation Analytics

Analyze customer demographic and psychographic data to create unique customer segments for marketing, optimize customer messaging through segmentation, and send to Tableau or another BI tool for exploration.

Alteryx empowers people like us, who have little to no computer coding background, to do complex things with data.