Cut the spreadsheets and accelerate your self-service Salesforce analytics in a code-free environment. Download the Alteryx + Salesforce Starter Kit and learn how to quickly analyze marketing campaign ROI and sales effectiveness, perform sales territory analysis, and understand prospect and customer journeys. With Alteryx, analysts can visually source, blend, cleanse, and enrich Salesforce and broader data up to 100X faster.

Starter Kit Features


Blend, prep, and analyze data from Salesforce and other sources to uncover deeper insights on the performance of an Account Executive team.



Optimize marketing communications by segmenting customer base using data from Salesforce enriched with Dunn & Bradstreet data, blended with customer spend, and then analyzed to create and identify unique customer segments for marketing use.



Quickly blend and analyze service metrics like average handle time and first level resolution to identify customer service superstars and uncover insights on what makes the best reps the best with Alteryx + Salesforce.



While assessing a sales rep’s close ratio can be a labor-intensive process, it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to quickly analyze opportunity data from Salesforce and measure sales team performance against goals with Alteryx.

“With Alteryx, we integrate data from channel partners, CRM, ERP systems, and market reports to understand how revenue data flows through the value chain. Within three weeks, we go from collecting the data to generating insight. Thanks to Alteryx, Schneider Electric maximized the performance of its sales force, simplified sales operations, and converted a required process into a value-added one.”  
— Tom Sturgeon, Director of Business Analytics, Schneider Electric USA

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