Starter Kit for Salesforce

Maximize Your Customer Data for Success

Salesforce Starter Kit

This Starter Kit will provide analytic templates to jumpstart your integration with Salesforce and blending data with other sources. Quickly and easily analyze your sales pipeline, monitor high-performing account executives, and create strategic customer segmentations, and deliver a better view into customer opportunities and sales performance.

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Starter Kit Features

Analyze Sales Pipeline

Quickly analyze opportunity data and measure sales representatives’ performance against goals.

Monitor Account Executives’ Performance

Identify high-performing account executives, provide instant and ongoing feedback to sales executives.

Create Strategic Customer Segmentation

Strengthen your customer data with Dunn & Bradstreet data enrichment to identify unique customer segments for marketing analysis.


We needed something that can seamlessly connect our data sources to our data lake in an automated way, and be able to generate analytics in a quick way.

Srikanth Nayani, Director, Digital Analytics & Verification


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