Starter Kit for Supply Chain

Quickly Optimize Operations + Streamline Costs

Supply Chain Analytics Starter Kit

This Starter Kit provides ready-to-use analytic templates and workflows to streamline your supply chain. Optimize inventory, forecast demand, and build resiliency against risk.

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Starter Kit Features

Predict & Optimize Inventory

Optimize inventory and identify predicted order and exhaust dates to predict purchasing behavior while reducing bottom-line costs and increasing top-line revenue.

Forecast Demand

Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to improve demand forecasting by predicting customer spending and quickly gain insights by outputting the results to visualizations to gain insights, act and on alignment and quickly gain buy-in from leadership.


We needed something that can seamlessly connect our data sources to our data lake in an automated way, and be able to generate analytics in a quick way.

Srikanth Nayani, Director, Digital Analytics & Verification


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