Tableau Conference 2017

Tableau conference 2017Alteryx is proud to once again be a top sponsor of Tableau Conference (TC17) and its celebration of data people! Come October 9th, visit us at Booth #152 in the Expo Hall to see how the Alteryx platform empowers citizen data analysts and data scientists alike to break the barriers to insight, allowing everyone to experience the thrill of getting to the "data-ha!" moment faster.

Alteryx Booth


This year's Alteryx booth will be one not to be missed! We will have tons of fun swag, free Alteryx Starter Kits, and eye-popping demonstrations that will showcase how the Alteryx platform makes it easy to explore, prep, blend, analyze, and then share the results in Tableau and other popular outputs — all via our intuitive drag-and-drop canvas!


Expo Hall, Booth #152

Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau


The Starter Kit is a great way to get started with Alteryx and Tableau. It contains key analytic workflows, visualizations, and tutorial information. With the Starter Kit you get:

  • Alteryx workflows that perform Survey Analysis, Advanced Data Blending (includes cloud data sources), Data Transposing, Polygon Creation for Tableau, Parsing XML, Standardizing Unstructured Data, Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and more
  • Tableau workbooks that provide beautiful, pre-configured visualizations that can be automatically updated via the included Alteryx workflows
  • A free Alteryx trial that provides a hands-on experience with workflows found in the Kit, incorporating your own data for analysis, and building your own analytic workflows!


Download your free Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau

Alteryx Hands-On Lab

Alteryx will be delivering a hands-on lab, showcasing just how easily you can explore data, prep and blend it for analysis, enrich it with third-party data, perform a wide range of sophisticated analyses, and then share the results in Tableau for visualizations with deep analytical context - no lab coat or safety goggles required!


The Thrill of Solving, First-Hand: Hands-On Analytics Lab with Alteryx

Experience why countless Tableau users rely on Alteryx to connect to, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources. Cut mundane data preparation time from weeks to minutes, and quickly create sophisticated predictive and spatial analytic models to accelerate the velocity and magnitude of the ever-critical "data-ha!" moment! Alteryx provides direct output to Tableau workbooks, allowing you to update TDE files with the click of a button and easily re-apply your work whenever the data changes. Get a glimpse into the power of the Alteryx platform and you'll get a free Alteryx trial with sample analytical workflows and Tableau visualizations when you attend this session.

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau prior to attending your session


Tuesday, Oct. 10, 10:45am - 11:45am
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Wednesday, Oct. 11, 10:15am - 11:15am


North - Mariners


Alteryx solutions engineers will lead this session, which is intended for anyone looking to learn more about the Alteryx platform via hands-on learning.

Alteryx Customer Session

With both Alteryx and Tableau being leading self-service analytics platforms, it comes as no surprise that we share a plethora of joint customers, including a number of who are speaking at TC17. Honeywell, Chick-fil-A, and Home Depot are just a few of the joint customer stories you'll have the chance to hear from, as is Charles Schwab — our featured customer speaker session.


Alteryx: Disparate Times Call for Non-Disparate Measures

In today’s world, disparate data—and lots of it—is the norm, not the exception. From IoT to corporate reporting, banking data to gaming analytics, we’re surrounded by disparate data. Join Alteryx User Group Leader, Kristen Bedore, and Alteryx ACE, Jack Morgan — both of Charles Schwab — as they analyze data from the Destiny 2 (popular online video game) API. Learn how to drag and drop your way to “data-ha!” moments faster than ever before, with ease and fluidity. You'll be sure to leave this session ready to unearth the true power of self-service analytics with Alteryx and Tableau together!


Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2:00pm - 3:00pm


South - L2 - Breakers I


Jack Morgan is our featured customer speaker for TC17. Jack is a Sr. Manager of Information Systems at Charles Schwab, where he challenges his team to propel the paradigm shift from traditional business intelligence to agile, self-service analytics — with the help of Alteryx and Tableau. Jack and his team work with line of business leaders to optimize processes, increase efficiencies, and empower employees with insights. Always seeking to conquer the "impossible," Jack strives to remove words like "challenging" and "complex" from his and others' analytics vocabulary. Jack is a revered Alteryx ACE, a recognition bestowed upon him for his meaningful impact on the analytics community. Follow him @JackofAllTr8s.

Kristen is the technical lead on the Project Management Business Intelligence team at Charles Schwab, where she shatters expectations of what BI should be day in and day out. With an eye for design, and her intuitive knack for solving problems, she’s architected and deployed dozens of Tableau dashboards and Alteryx workflows that have racked up over 10,000 uses in the past 2 years on the PMBI team. Kristen lives by the mantra "wouldn't it be cool if...", and her creative output is a direct reflection of this belief.

Zen Master & ACE Webinar

Whether you are heading to Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas or following the action virtually, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar to learn how leading self-service analytics leaders approach their analytics. This is a not to be missed event for data people.


The "Before" and "After" of Impactful Analytics Today

Today and tomorrow. AM and PM. Now and then. While such delineations in time may be commonly referenced, in the analytics community, one important distinction is perhaps not made as often as it should be. Alteryx ACE Michael Treadwell, and Tableau Zen Master Robert Rouse of InterWorks realize that "everything before the dashboard" is a very distinct phase of the analytics process, and it’s one that greatly affects the next phase — the building of visualizations and dashboards. So what exactly occurs during this "before" stage? Data is prepped, blended, and enriched for analysis, a wide range of sophisticated analyses is performed, and then "after," the results are shared in Tableau for deep analytical context.

Join two of the highest regarded advocates of self-service analytics as they discuss:

  • Today’s analytics landscape and use cases that highlight the all-too-common hurdles that drain an analyst’s time... and joy
  • Best practices for optimal data prep, analysis, and visualization, and tips for creating a culture of analytics overall
  • The future of analytics and the trends they expect to see become common practice
  • Tableau Conference 2017 and how to gain more insights with Interworks and Alteryx at the biggest and best Tableau event of the year!


Tuesday, Sept. 26, 9:00am PST


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Schedule a Meeting

Interested in speaking with Alteryx to discuss your current or potential use of the Alteryx platform? Great, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you while at TC17! Please send us an email with the nature of your meeting request and we will take it from there.


When will TC17 be held?
October 9 – 12, 2017

Where will TC17 take place?
Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino [MAP]

I'm attending TC17. How can I learn more about Alteryx while I'm there?
You have a number of options! Visit the Alteryx team at Booth #152 in the Expo Hall, sign-up for our hands-on lab, and/or attend our customer speaker session featuring Jack Morgan of Charles Schwab.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend TC17. How can I still partake in the Alteryx activity occurring at TC17?
Take part in the thrills virtually! Follow us on Twitter to get live updates from the conference, and be sure to take a look at the Alteryx Analytics Blog for posts from the conference floor.

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