With stiff competition, thin margins, and the quest for excellence, many healthcare providers are leaning into digital business transformation. However, according to a recent Gartner Digital Business Survey, “healthcare providers have strong digital business ambitions but must overcome a large capabilities gap.” As a health delivery organization, how can you close that gap?

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  • Why there is a gap between a health delivery organization’s (HDO’s) digital business goals and the ability to execute
  • What the largest gaps weakening the ability for HDOs to perform are
  • How to close the gap between ambition and capabilities by improving workforce skills important to digital business success

Learn Gartner’s key findings and recommendations for healthcare provider CIOs developing technology-enabled strategies for the next generation of healthcare. Download the report today.


Resource: Gartner, Digital Business Transformation: A Healthcare Providers' Perspective, Mark E. Gilbert, 24 August 2018

“The workforce skills considered most important for digital success are consistent with those of enterprises in other industries .... Innovation is the most important and one of the most difficult to develop.” 
“Digital Business Transformation: A Healthcare Provider's Perspective,” Gartner