Once-distinct Markets Are Colliding Thanks To Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is driving transformation in the analytics, BI, and data science + machine learning markets. According to Gartner, “Although these capabilities are still called ‘descriptive,’ ‘diagnostic,’ ‘predictive’ and ‘prescriptive,’ increasingly, they are no longer implemented and used in a step-by-step fashion. . . . Data scientists and BI analysts alike can move smoothly from one analytics capability to another whenever and wherever the need dictates.”

Organizations that harness the opportunities created by this collision of markets will see major competitive breakthroughs, but that’s only if they take the right steps now.

Read Gartner’s report on the convergence of analytic worlds; we believe you’ll discover:

  • Top recommendations for data and analytics leaders to capitalize on and exploit this newly-catalyzed market
  • What the convergence of once-distinct markets means for the future of data + analytics practices, processes, and people
  • How to dramatically hasten your analytics maturation in this new landscape and avoid overlaps, confusion, and missed opportunities

Now that these markets have collided, it’s up to you and your organization to seize the opportunities created and carve out a competitive edge. Read the report to learn more.

“The proliferation of augmented capabilities within analytics, business intelligence, and data science and machine learning products is making once-distinct markets collide. To harness the energy released, data and analytics leaders must anticipate big changes in products, investments and practices.”  

— Gartner, Worlds Collide as Augmented Analytics Draws Analytics, BI and Data Science Together, Carlie Idoine, 10 March 2020 

Worlds Collide in Gartner’s Report

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