Data-centric companies need best-in-class platforms for company growth and performance.

Once you understand the Modern Analytics Lifecycle, you can build and expand upon the Modern Data Platform.

In Modern Analytics Architecture: The Framework of Enterprise Analytics, learn the tools you need to master three domains of enterprise analytics:

  • Business intelligence and reporting: Visualize and interact with predefined business metrics
  • Self-service data analytics: Empower users to work with data visually and directly
  • Data science and artificial intelligence: Deploy algorithms to leverage data in complex analytics

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"Understanding how people perform analytics work every day — a process known as the Modern Analytics Lifecycle — is the key. Once analytic workflow processes are understood, various modes of enterprise analytics can be effectively unified in a comprehensive architecture to support those analytic needs." 
—  “Modern Analytics Architecture: Alteryx, Snowflake Computing, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure,” Radiant Advisors