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Accelerate Innovation by Democratizing Analytics

Enterprises moving toward being analytically driven risk opening an “analytics divide” if they overinvest in tools for their data science teams and underinvest in upskilling their knowledge workers. By balancing those investments and encouraging excellence in analytics they can overcome that divide. The result is an analytics transformation known as “democratizing analytics.”

Top-Line Growth

Improve access to insights for knowledge users, allowing for faster action on key initiatives

Bottom-Line Returns

Increase ROI on analytics projects across the organization

Efficiency Gains

Gain more insights that directly fit business needs and free up data science teams to tackle the most impactful digital transformation projects

Business Problem

Gartner calls data and analytics the “key accelerant of an organization's digitization and transformation efforts.” Analytics must drive digital transformation, but organizations must drive its acceptance. Some organizations invest in analytics transformation only for siloed data science teams, only to give their knowledge workers access to numerous tech platforms without the training to use them. The result is usually slow progress and poor ROI on digital transformation efforts.

These organizations are hampered by the “analytics divide” between their data science teams and the knowledge workers who make decisions based on analytical results. The former group has the tools and expertise to produce analytical results, while the latter, much larger group has the domain expertise to identify business problems and needs.  

Analytics Solution

The solution is to “democratize” analytics by both upskilling knowledge workers across the organization to create their own analytical insights and giving data science teams the analytic tools, they need. Democratizing analytics allows knowledge workers faster access to insights through self-service and frees data scientists for high-value initiatives like analytics development and digital transformation. The result is increased ROI in analytics and greater innovation for the organization as a whole.

Alteryx has been the instrument of change in democratizing analytics for enterprises at every level of digital maturity. In addition to a low-code, end-to-end analytics platform, Alteryx has an integrated plan to accelerate the digital transformation from siloed analytics departments to upskilled knowledge workers.

We’ve completed over 400 of 1,500 submitted use cases; generated over $10M in value; saved almost 40,000 hours of manual work; and retired about 500 three short years.

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