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Analytic Apps

Reduce load on data science teams and repetitive tasks and enable self-service through easy-to-use apps.

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The more an organization automates its analytics, the more its users need flexibility and self-service. That leads to constant modification of automated processes, best realized through self-service analytic apps that enable users to set their own parameters for output.
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Top-Line Growth

Allow knowledge workers to uncover actionable insights faster
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Bottom-Line Returns

Set up data infrastructure in a flexible format and reduce repetitive data management
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Efficiency Gains

Keep data science team queues manageable by allowing end users to automatically parameterize their data
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Upskill Workers

Enable end user access to data and give them time to focus on methodology for uncovering insights
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Risk Reduction

Keep data infrastructure management in the hands of IT and data science teams without limiting data access

Business Problem

As end-to-end analytics platforms are implemented and expanded to cover more departments, usability and flexibility become main requirements for business users. Usability enables users to work autonomously and dig into analysis, without having to learn how to prep and clean data. Flexibility is important because it allows users to run their run their own analytic workflows and use their own data parameters, instead of settling for a static dashboard or flat-file output.

Alteryx Solution

A platform with a flexible graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to create analytic apps that output the data they want in the format they want. It enables them to quickly access data in the way that best addresses their business question. It’s versatile enough to address multiple business questions in different scopes with the same analytics automation workflow.

At the organizational level, analytic apps also reduce users’ dependence on the data science and analytics teams. Instead of doing the same work again and again or making slight adjustments to scope and parameters, those teams can spend their time on higher-value projects. The apps generate insights efficiently through self-service, letting users build toward advanced analytics.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Enable anyone to run an analytic process. With Alteryx Analytic Apps, workflow creators can provide end users with an easy-to-use GUI to parameterize their data output, without changing the workflow
  • The Analytic Apps Starter Kit provides simple inventory optimization, finance KPI, and employee satisfaction Analytic Apps to get you started
  • With Analytic Apps, you can enable self-service across your org, allowing you to uncover insights faster

Learn How to Get Started with Analytic Apps

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