Capital building

Automation of Management Reporting

Run checks and balances on high-profile data from multiple sources, then prepare and automated reporting dashboards

Capital building

Business Problem

Unless they receive high-level reports updated regularly, execs can miss insights for growing the business or preventing costly mistakes. But it’s not always easy to consolidate and harmonize data from different business segments and locations. Moreover, business leaders should be able to see how KPIs are calculated so they can understand the associated risks and make informed decisions.

Alteryx Solution

Alteryx provides an automated, fully integrated process for connecting to data sources, preparing and transforming data, then presenting final output in Tableau. The result is more accurate reports, updated regularly and delivered automatically to executives.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Prepare data in a fraction of the time it takes with spreadsheets
  • Create workflow on Alteryx Designer and publish it to Alteryx Server/Gallery, then schedule it to run regularly
  • Use Alteryx reporting tools to control and ensure processes are running smoothly, even on data sets of tens of millions of rows

Finance Starter Kit Workflow Example: KPI YTD

Management Reporting

1 - Prep and Blend

Access account lists, monthly transactions, and working files from departments

2 - Data Connection

Automate data cleansing and formatting, as well as adding columns to enrich the data

3 - Advanced Analytics

Export exceptions and automatically calculate Year to Date and Year over Year, then export that to power robust dashboards

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