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Content Recommendation Engine

Develop a content recommendation engine that uses the past behavior of website visitors to suggest content that best matches their needs.

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Business Problem

Your customers and prospects will spend a limited amount of time searching through all the content on your website. If you don’t help them find content that matches their interests, they’ll settle for second-best, or they’ll lose interest and go to your competitor’s site. Either way, you’ve lost the chance to delight them.

Alteryx Solution

A recommendation engine is designed to categorize users based on the way they navigate your website and their common patterns of engagement. When the engine detects similar behavior in other users, it recommends relevant, previously chosen content.

Instead of using expensive products like Sitecore or Optimizely to automate the complex, back-end processes of recommendation, use an end-to-end analytics platform to create your own engine.

With Alteryx you can:

  • Directly connect your recommendation engine to more data sources than just your website
  • Fully blend user data from across touchpoints to develop interest profile
  • Keep users engaged in Alteryx by providing suggestions based on each user's unique historical activity
  • Learn more about each user's specific interests in content through passive feedback
  • Connect existing Alteryx workflows to a master recommendation engine workflow using Macros, like the example below

Content Recommendation Workflow with Macros

 Сontent recommendation engine workflow

1 - Simplify with Macros

Using macros, you can build entire workflows and then reference that workflow on a master workflow, or you can plug in pre-build workflows. Macros enable you to save individual analytic processes you use frequently and insert those into more complex processes.

2 - Prep and Blend

This macro contains a complex process that sorts and segments users by interests and experience level.

3 - Advanced Analytics

Alteryx macros can also be used to leverage complex modeling protocols. This macro is used to build customized article recommendations with a neural network model.

4 - Data Export

Implement macros that contain the entire necessary process of automating export to AWS, Snowflake, and your community.

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