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Use Case

Employee Dimension Table

A single repository of employee data gives a full view of employee performance and HR data.

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Business Problem

If employees are your company’s most valuable asset, shouldn’t you have a single source of truth on all of them? Most data on employees is limited to reports circulated by human resources and the email directory. It’s important to run queries in areas as varied as access control, reporting structure, and staffing levels by job family, but where is that data? If it’s in multiple places, which one is authoritative?

Employee data is usually decentralized and scattered among multiple silos. Few department heads know where to look for information other than what’s in their own files and with HR. They would benefit from standardized processes and data access to employee information across departments, but the diversity of formats and structures poses an obstacle.

Alteryx Solution

An employee dimension table can eliminate duplicated, inconsistent, and conflicting data and provide uniform access. The table is based on a foundational schema/methodology for creating an employee data warehouse that teams across the organization can use. It enables data access and preparation and an automated connection to dashboards with a full view of employee data at any point in time. The resulting HR data warehouse becomes the single source of truth for employee information, offering active and historical views useful in studying topics like workforce retention and attrition. The table democratizes analytics, making it possible for managers with limited data skills to build queries off the same schema as those with strong data analytics skills.

Now that we’re using Alteryx, we have one single source of truth. That kind of visibility for an organization of 120,000 employees around the globe is priceless.

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