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Gain a 360° View of Customer Data

Incorporate every touchpoint with customer demographic data to fully understand your customer base.

The number of ways that your business interacts with customers continues to grow. Each touchpoint is an additional opportunity to gain insights into behaviors, attitudes, and opinions that you can use to improve customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Top-Line Growth

Fully understand and segment your customer base and use those insights to target new customers

Bottom-Line Returns

Reduce redundancy and duplicative analytics projects by connecting disparate customer data into a single analytics platform

Efficiency Gains

Reduce effort required for knowledge workers to gain customer insights and take action

Customer Experience

Fully understand who your customers are, where they are on their journey with your company, and create targeted lists for white-glove treatment

Risk Reduction

Reduce chance important insights about your customers fall through the cracks or are inconsistent across departments

Business Problem

At every touchpoint — website, social media, fulfillment, webcasts, advertising, and face-to-face interactions — you have an additional opportunity to discover how your customers think, talk, and act. The resulting picture enables you to improve the service you provide and becomes your competitive differentiator.

But can you get your arms around all the data from those touchpoints and take advantage of that picture? Not when the customer data is siloed in multiple departments, repositories, and CRM systems. Many companies have only a narrow view of their customers and no way to unify their data without long, expensive IT projects. By the time insights are available, the information may be stale and the conclusions may be obsolete — a complete loss of value of the data connection and analytics process.

Alteryx Solution

The key to unlocking the 360° Customer View is an analytics transformation that enables organizations to fully integrate, clean, and enrich data. The transformation then puts the analytic capabilities directly in the hands of knowledge workers and business decision makers.

Create a full picture of your customers by using analytics automation to connect data from internal and external sources. Use data from Marketo®, Salesforce®, and similar platforms to understand how customers navigate your processes of acquisition and renewal. Study user experience data from the customer success and IT departments for a view of customer relationship and activity. Your customers’ activity on social media can be used to analyze sentiment and anticipate business needs. And with demographic and firmographic (company) data, you can segment current customers and populate predictive models that identify likely prospects for sale teams.

Connecting and blending the data from those sources paves the way to the 360° Customer View. Give your users access to that view through easy-to-use tools that enable them to perform their own analytics without advanced coding skills. Upskilling business users allows organizations to uncover many more insights much more quickly.

We’re using Alteryx to pull all of the raw data from our customer touchpoints, centralize it into our analytics database, and tap into insights on what’s happening across different channels and get a complete view of our customer.

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