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Use Case

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis

Turn NPS scores into actionable insights by connecting customer demographic data with anonymized survey results.

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Business Problem

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the likelihood that customers will recommend your company’s products or services to a friend or colleague. Customers who respond with a nine or ten (out of ten) are considered promoters; those with a seven or eight are passives; and those with a six or below are detractors. Overall scores indicate how customers perceive the company, so companies use scores to inform decisions in various departments, understand customers better, and determine where to improve.

But the NPS survey process isn’t automatic. For it to be useful, your company not only has to conduct it, but also create a reproducible process for conducting it regularly. It’s also important to profile respondents to ensure that all groups are included and that the survey is valid.

Alteryx Solution

Analytic workflows allow the creation of a reproducible and easy-to-understand process covering the entire life cycle of an NPS survey. The process includes joining multiple data sources together, creating a customer profile, applying criteria for a stratified sample of customers, and profiling customers before and after the survey is sent out. Statistical tools determine whether NPS scores for different groups are statistically significant and isolate the characteristics of the survey groups from other factors that could impact NPS.

The workflows automate the heavy lifting of preparing and blending the data, steps that would otherwise be too labor-intensive or even impossible. The resulting insights into customer motivation and experience allow companies to improve their products and services and the way they sell them.

Gathering NPS scores for a single year can give a useful snapshot into customers’ sentiment about your company. To truly gain insights about how your customers feel, a reproducible and efficient workflow for gathering NPS scores over time is necessary.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Import anonymized survey data using the Input Data Tool and combine that data with customer demographic data
  • Cleanse data using the Data Cleansing Tool and then segment customers based on region, product purchased, or responses to survey questions
  • Investigate factors that most impact NPS scores using regression analysis from Predictive Tools, or reference an already-created workflow using a Macro
Sentiment Analysis Workflow

1 - Data Connection

Pull in survey data from providers like SurveyMonkey

2 - Prep & Blend

Use Data Cleansing Tool to remove null values and only focus on fields respondents filled out

3 - Advanced Analytics

Use Macros to connect to other workflows that can segment respondents for segment specific NPS scores

Customer Success Stories

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Western Union uses Alteryx for Transaction Confirmation and to Improve Customer Insight

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