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Reduce Support Case Time to Resolution

Gather incident data and client hardware specs automatically to go directly to solving customer’s issues.

people working in an office talking on headsets

Business Problem

Customer support teams can solve almost any technical problem if they have all the information they need. But they spend most of their time remotely collecting details about a customer’s configuration and environment and logs, trying to piece together root cause. Distance isn’t the only obstacle; support representatives must also deal with factors that vary from one customer to another and circumstances that go far beyond their company’s product.

Plus, support is labor-intensive, with time to resolution taking hours or days, depending on the problem. Tools that share screens and allow remote control can help, but the lion’s share of work in diagnosing and solving technical problems takes place in the support representative’s head.

Alteryx Solution

In the same way that customer support teams refer repeatedly to community and knowledge base articles, they can use workflows to automate the process of diagnosing and solving technical problems. Running in the customer’s environment, a set of workflows and scripts conducts a high-level overview, extracts details about hardware and software, tests environmental variables, and inspects data and server logs. Once the data is collected, the workflows run tests that try to reproduce the errors.

When properly implemented and refined, the workflows automate a lot of the diagnosis work and greatly reduce the time to resolve entire categories of technical problems.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Create a workflow that connects directly to customer environments and automatically extracts hardware and software data when a support case is created
  • Perform environment testing against known constraints to narrow scope of response needed
  • Connect directly to internal knowledge base to provide support representative with likely causes, as well as log information and customer specs, resulting in dramatically reduced time needed to resolve
Time to resolution Workflow

1- Data Connection

Extraction of customer hardware and software information

2- Advanced Analytics

Test environment variables against known constraints

3- Data Communication

Produces test results based on log information testing

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