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Sales Pipeline Consolidation and Reporting

Automatically pull data from multiple CRM platforms like Salesforce to power dashboards and reports for evaluating sales rep engagement and pipeline creation.

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Business Problem

The more your data is spread across different sales and marketing platforms, the harder it is for you to get a complete overview of it all. Without that overview, your Go to Market (GTM) strategy may rely on a narrow view of the big picture. You can solve the problem by purchasing additional capabilities, but that becomes costly across multiple platforms and vendors.

Alteryx Solution

With an end-to-end platform that provides ETL, data prep and blend, and advanced analytics all in a single process, you can completely control the data going into your sales dashboards. Combine account-level data from CRM software with new leads coming in from marketing platforms. Automatic implementation of business rules and key performance indicators (KPIs) lets you generate fully enriched dashboards of your sales pipeline.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Create an automated connection to CRM and marketing platforms
  • Blend the resulting data to create a full view of your sales pipeline including new leads, sales deals in progress and closed deals
  • Understand your customers’ journey by studying the combination of sales pipeline data and marketing or customer success data

Sales Pipeline Designer Workflow

Sales Pipeline Workflow

1 - Import CRM Data

Create multiple connections to CRM software to extract disparate pieces of the sales pipeline

2 - Data Repository Connection

Pull in historical sales and marketing data stored in data repositories to compare with current pipeline, and automate process of storing data back to repository

3 - Prep & Blend

Combine current pipeline from CRM and marketing software with historical data to create summary metrics and measure against past performance

4- Data Communication

Export data to dashboards like Tableau that refresh every week while simultaneously automating email reports that send daily

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