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Use Case

Service and Support Operations Automated Insights

Give customer service teams fast and actionable insights and close every experience gap

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Business Problem

On average, contact center managers spend about 20% of their time on administrative tasks and reporting, robbing them of time to give customer service agents personalized feedback. They can get insights from tools like dashboards or spreadsheets, but every minute they spend trying to make sense of reports is a minute less they spend addressing customer needs. The operations analysts they turn to for data-led insights are often overwhelmed with the volume of requests.

Alteryx Solution

The process of optimizing contact center performance and coaching a team requires automation and a concise view of the most important productivity and customer experience metrics. The ideal tool uses AI to make trends and high-priority customers stand out. It clearly defines exceptions and unexpected changes and unlocks the Why of customer needs. With a segmented view of team performance based on key metrics, customer service agents can reduce call handling time and identify opportunities that have gone unnoticed in high-level dashboards. They can triage unexpected changes and apply winning strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

With Alteryx Auto Insights, you can:

  • Draw out hidden signals in your data that would have gone unnoticed in traditional visualization tools
  • Quickly scale automated insights and exceptions to focus on what matters across the organization
  • Enable anyone to derive useful insights into contact center operations and see background information that improves average handling time and increases customer satisfaction

1 - Connect your data

No need to build a new workflow

2 - Get deeper insights

Get immediate AI-powered insights

3 - Completely automated

Deeper insights for everyone, in seconds

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