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Transfer Pricing

Determine optimal transfer pricing using automated calculations and scenario testing

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Business Problem

While transfer pricing can lead to tax savings for companies under common control, it’s also risky. Calculations span legal entities, national borders, business units and data sources, and involve factors such as tangible goods, intangibles, services and loans. Tax rules differ, and the process needs to adhere to principles like Arm’s Length and other standards. It can take days or weeks of work in spreadsheets to arrive at a single plausible scenario for a transfer price. Companies must be consistent in how they perform transfer pricing, and they must be able to document the process.

Alteryx Solution

Automated analytics use calculations with scenario testing to value the goods and services sold by related entities and arrive at optimal transfer prices. Working downstream, the analytics operate on source data without the risk of modifying it and they reduce days or weeks of work to a matter of minutes. By greatly shortening the calculation time, they enable accountants to analyze the impact of different prices, eliminating the guesswork that characterizes the process. The analytics add transparency by leaving in place a clear, defensible audit trail.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Package workflows into a user-friendly app and interface
  • Produce outputs with corresponding journal entries
  • Analyze results interactively using visualization software
  • Generate invoices based on the calculated transfer prices

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