Bridging the Gap: Self-Service Data Analytics meets Data Governance

New Alteryx Analytics 11.7

Alteryx Analytics 11.7 enables the analytic enterprise to achieve self-service data analytics on a global scale while balancing the data governance requirements of IT and Data Managers.

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Analytic Flexibility

Empower analysts globally to harness the full value of your existing data architecture, and emerging data assets

  • Localized Interface – Break down language barriers with a unified analytic workbench available in French and German interfaces
  • In-Database Processing - Improve and scale analytic performances by eliminating data movement with In-DB data blending for Snowflake, Pivotal Greenplum, PostgreSQL, Exasol, SAP Hana, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Analytics Platform System, Netezza, and Vertica; and In-DB analytics for Teradata, Oracle R and SQL Server 2016
  • Seamless Data Access - Eliminate connection complexity with seamless data access to SQL Server and Oracle
  • Data Extensibility - Gain insights from non-traditional data sources including ZIP files, SharePoint, and a customizable ODBC connector

Balanced Governance

Achieve the visibility and control that IT and Data Managers require, while supporting the self-service data analytics that analysts need.

  • Centralized Scheduling and Automation - Manage, monitor, schedule and automate analytic processes across the enterprise in a governed environment
  • Data Connection Manager - Ensure IT-compliant data access with a centralized and easy to administer Data Connection Manager
  • Usage and Reporting – Optimize performance of analytic workloads through Alteryx Server usage monitoring and reporting

Sound Insights

Build confidence, reduce errors and accelerate analytic insights.

  • Data Profiling - Understand the health and quality of a dataset prior to building models with Data Profiling
  • Global Search - Improve time to outcomes through a collaborative, built-in Global Search to access analytic samples, tutorials, and tap into thousands of Alteryx analytic experts from the Alteryx Community.
  • Automated Formula Development - Generate fast and accurate expressions with a new Formula tool that provides suggestions, error notifications, and auto-completion of expressions
  • Predictive Model Visual Validation - Boost the understanding and evaluation of advanced analytic models (linear regression, logistic regression, and decision tree) with intuitive visual outputs

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