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Better governance for self-service analytics

Empower Teams with Governed Self-Service Data Analytics

Business teams and analysts have embraced self-service data preparation and analytic tools for their speed, ease of use, and flexibility. However, many of these business users have implemented their own analytics strategy without collaborating with IT, jeopardizing data quality and governance.

With the goal of aligning the needs of both business and IT, leading data management professionals are harnessing analytic talent throughout the organization and standardizing with a centrally governed yet easy to learn enterprise-grade analytics platform.

Operationalize Analytics Processes

Data management leaders have the unique opportunity to break down silos and unify business and IT.


Today’s enterprises are challenged with data and analytic silos that run deep within an organization.

Alteryx creates analytics heroes in organizations by empowering business users with self-service tools that deliver greater efficiency and improved data quality — but are still governed by IT. Get the recognition you deserve by aligning disparate teams and enabling collaboration in a secure and centralized environment for improved consistency, repeatability, and trusted analytic processes.


Alteryx Connect: Product Overview

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Analytic Governance Best Practices

To unleash the power of self-service data analytics tools, you need a strategy that can scale out across the organization in a production-ready environment — without creating havoc.


Giving teams the freedom to explore also means safeguarding data quality and providing transparency and auditability within analytic applications to ensure data management best practices are met.

With Alteryx, you can improve analytic governance — including security, scalability, and reliability — while simplifying and accelerating how everyone in your organization consumes the analytics that lead to business agility and data-driven decision making.


Alteryx Connect: Business Glossary Overview

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Gain More Value from Existing Systems

Regardless of data source, you need self-service tools that can still service users in the systems and technologies they already depend on.


Your enterprise has invested millions in information management systems that can’t fall by the wayside as you modernize your infrastructure.

Alteryx uses an open architecture platform that can read/write data to a wide range of sources, including RDBMSs, Hadoop, or Spark, and directly output to Excel, Tableau, and other tools. Alteryx is a unified analytics platform that accesses, preps, and blends data from whatever sources you use, then outputs results directly to the systems you depend on for consumption, whether that'\’s Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Marketo, Salesforce, or other platforms.


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