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Product Training

Alteryx offers a variety of ways to learn and develop your skills with both the Designer Desktop and Server. Users can choose from a variety of ways to familiarize yourself with the Alteryx technology via traditional classroom training, Virtual training classes and On demand Videos designed to quickly provide a business analyst with the tools to solve business challenges in hours and minutes versus days and weeks.

On Demand Videos and Exercises (Free)

Get the most out of Alteryx Designer Desktop by taking advantage of our free on-demand training videos. This library features free recordings of our training webinars, each focusing on a specific task or functionality. Each session is available as a streamed video allowing you to enhance your Alteryx skills where and when you choose.

Virtual Training (Free)

Users can participate in instructor led courses that cover a variety to topics from getting started with Alteryx to advanced predictive analytics. These courses focus on practical use cases geared to illustrate how to use individual tools in Alteryx to construct an analytical solution.

Classroom Training

Users can attend an instructor led training sessions geared to rapidly educate and acclimated new users to the Alteryx platform. In addition to traditional classroom led training, users will also get hands on experience with solving practical business problems across the retail, telecommunication and marketing services verticals.

For those wanting a custom or onsite training delivery, we will also come to you! For $2500/day plus travel and expenses, we will provide a trainer at your location for up to 12 trainees and will work with you to develop an agenda that best meets your needs.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to learn the basics of the Alteryx Designer Favorites tools.

Watch a videoWatch a video

Read about the tools and processRead about the tools and process

Complete an exercise that tests your understandingComplete an exercise that tests your understanding



Step 1

Watch a videoTouring Designer (3:34)

Read about the tools and processUnderstanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

Learn to:

  • Connect tools
  • Open Help and access windows
  • Understand tool functions


Step 2

Watch a videoPreparing Data (5:12)

Read about the tools and processUsing the Select tool to rename fields, change the data type, and remove from data set

Complete an exercise that tests your understandingSet field types, rename fields, and remove fields

Learn to:

  • Set data types manually
  • Remove fields from the data stream
  • Rename fields for processing and output
  • View data in the workflow
  • Connect to data sources


Step 3

Watch a videoFiltering Data (3:50)

Read about the tools and processFiltering Using String Data

Complete an exercise that tests your understandingFind records with scores between 25 and 75, and sort from highest to lowest

Learn to:

  • Remove records that are less than a value
  • Order records from highest to lowest
  • View data in the workflow
  • Connect to data sources


Step 4

Watch a videoData Blending (4:44)

Read about the tools and processData Blending for Dummies

Complete an exercise that tests your understandingFind customer with 10 or more transactions

Learn to:

  • Change the field data type
  • Group and aggregate data
  • Filter data
  • Join records on a common identifier
  • Sort records
  • View data in the workflow
  • Connect to data sources


Step 5

Watch a videoAnalyzing Data (7:56)

Read about the tools and processPredictive Analytics for Dummies

Complete an exercise that tests your understandingFind number of customers with above average sales

Learn to:

  • Create discretized groups
  • Label records
  • Remove fields from the data stream
  • Rename fields for processing and output
  • View data in the workflow
  • Connect to data sources



Jump to:  Managing Data  |  Spatial Functionality  |  Predictive Analytics  |  Macros and Analytic Applications  |  Installation and Architecture

Managing Data

This section focuses on reading and managing various types of internal and external data in the Alteryx Designer. We will also review various data blending and parsing techniques to stage data to perform advanced analytics.

I/O and Connector Functionality (8:03)
Alteryx provides a variety of mechanisms to consume relevant data into the environment to perform data blending and advanced analytics. This video reviews how users can access data via Standard Inputs, Cloud Connectors and Social Media outlets.

Basic Data Parsing

The Basic Parsing Video series walks you through a series of exercises that teach you how to parse data from a single field into multiple fields. Learn how to parse data with a common delimiter, based on a regular expression pattern, or by the location of the string in the field. This series also introduces the JSON Parse tool as well as pivoting the orientation of the data within a table.

Download the Basic Parsing Exercises for this video series.

Watch All "Basic Data Parsing" Videos (26:07)

Structured Data Part 1: Using the Text to Column Tool (3:40)
Learn to parse data into new fields using a delimiter, such as a space character.

Structured Data Part 2: Using the RegEx Tool (4:34)
Learn how to write a regular expression in the RegEx Tool that parses any two digits, a word, and the remaining segment of of data into a new field.

Structured Data Part 3: Introduction to Validation (3:16)
Learn how to use the Regex Parsing tool to ensure that structure of the data in a given field matches the criteria that will be used for preparation or analytics.

Structured Data Part 4: Using the Formula Tool (5:41)
Parse data based on the string position within a field. Learn to extract data based on the number of characters from the left, the word position (first word, second word, etc.), and the starting position.

JSON Part 1: Downloading JSON (2:50)
This two part video series shows you how to download a JSON dataset and then parse the data into a table in Alteryx. Note: The Video exercise requires you to download data from a NASA data API This file is also located in the Basic Parsing Exercise file.

JSON Part 2: Parsing JSON (6:06)
Learn how to parse JSON data from a file, cleanse the data, skip unwanted records, and pivot the orientation of dataset from rows into columns.

Data Blending (8:44)
Alteryx provides a series of tools to blend multiple disparate data sources together. This video will highlight different ways to blend data based on common keys or on spatial proximity.

Fuzzy Matching (10:36)
Fuzzy matching is a process that either purges duplicate records from a data stream or merges disparate sources when a common identifier is not present. This video will review the fuzzy matching techniques and algorithms available in the Alteryx platform.



Spatial Functionality and 3rd Party Data Content

This section focuses on embedded spatial engines for geocoding data and performing drive time analysis. We will also review a series of embedded data retrieval engines to enrich data content that feeds analytical processes.

Drive Time and Geocoding Engines (9:27)
The drive time and geocoding engines embedded in the Alteryx platform add a "where" component to all analytical processes. The drive time engine physically walks the road network node by node and takes into account Z-factors to accurately calculate drive time and distance between two spatial objects. The geocoding engine will locate points based on address level detail. The engine attempts to match addresses to property parcel centroids and will leverage an interpolation method for locating points along a street segment if parcel level matches cannot be found. This video will review how to use both engines to perform a spatial analytical process.

Allocate Engine (5:23)
The Allocate engine stores 3rd party content from Experian and the US Census. The engine contains demographic and psychographic information that can be apportioned to both standard and non-standard geographies for analytics. In this video, we will review how to leverage the engine to retrieve statistics for analytical processes.

Calgary Engine (5:54)
The Calgary engine is leveraged for large scale static database files to enable rapid retrieval and integration within the Alteryx platform. Alteryx packages both the Experian Consumerview (Household) and D&B Business List files in the platform to empower users to enrich their data assets for analytics. This video will review how to access data from the Calgary engine focusing on retrieval of data from the Experian Consumerview file.



Predictive Analytics

This section focuses on some of the most commonly used predictive tools. The tools are built on top of the R programming language and offer a parameter driven environment for executing advance analytical algorithms. This module assumes the viewer has some basic understanding of statistical concepts.

Regression Analysis (7:21)
Alteryx has a series of tools that perform basic regression analytics to estimate relationships among variables. The tools allow users to relate a variable of interest (target variable) to one or more variables that are expected to have influence on the target (predictor variables). This video will review a simple logistical regression model for predicting probable response rate to targeted marketing campaigns.

Market Basket Analysis and AB Testing (11:17)
Alteryx offers a series of tools to perform a Market Basket analysis to aid in understanding associations between transactional items within a basket. The results can be used to influence future promotional ads, coupons and product placement in store. Alteryx also provides the ability to perform AB testing, comparing a series of test locations against a series of control locations to see if changes within the test yield positive or negative results. In this video we will review both analytical processes as well as how to interpret the results.

Clustering and Means Analysis (11:13)
Clustering creates a series of "like" groupings based on commonalities within the data. Alteryx provides a tool grouping specific to Clustering to help understand key characteristics of customers, locations or products. This video will review the various clustering algorithms within the Alteryx platform and how to determine the proper number of clusters to create logical groups that can be leveraged in additional analytical processes.

Time Series Tools (9:10)
The time series tools contained in Alteryx provide the ability to perform forecasting based on past observations within the data. This video will review two different time series forecasting models and compare the results



Macros and Analytic Applications

This section focuses on extending the existing functionality within Alteryx by creating Macros to perform repeatable business processes. The module will also review how to operationalize an analytical process through the creation of an Application.

Standard Macros (8:51)
A standard macro is an Alteryx module that has the flexibility to be run as a single tool within another Alteryx module. Macros are primarily used to encapsulate repeatable processes. This video will review the creation and deployment of a standard macro within an Alteryx module.

Batch Macros (7:36)
A batch macro is a special kind of macro that is typically needed to process a group of records based on a control parameter. The control parameter determines which group of records will be processed through the underlying macro logic. The macro will be run from beginning to end for each control parameter. This video will review the creation and deployment of a batch macro within an Alteryx module.

Iterative Macros (10:28)
An iterative macro will run through every record in a data stream and loop the records back through the module, repeating the process as many times as specified or until a condition is met. This video will review the creation and deployment of an iterative macro within an Alteryx module.

Location Optimization Macro (10:38)
The location optimizer macro runs multiple iterations to determine the best locations to add or remove from an existing location network. This video will review the creation and deployment of a location optimization macro within an Alteryx module.

Analytical Application (App) Development (9:49)
An Alteryx Analytical App is a self-contained program that performs a specific function for the user. The App performs a limited range of tasks, focused on optimizing user experience. This video will review the creation of an Analytical App and how to deploy it to a Gallery environment for consumption by a broader set of users.



Installation and Architecture

This section contains videos and documentation that review the installation process for Alteryx Desktop Designer and Server. It concludes with a brief overview of the technical architecture of each product.

Alteryx Architecture and Gallery (6:50)
This video will review basic architecture for the Alteryx Analytical Gallery.


Dates Time Course Seats Registration Link
April 17 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Predictive Session 2 Open Register now
April 24 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Predictive Session 3 Open Register now
April 28 10:00 -11:00 AM (Mumbai) Alteryx Essentials (Asia) Open Register now
May 1 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Predictive Session 4 Open Register now


Past Sessions

Title Type Level Date Duration
Predictive Analytics, Part 4: Time Series Predictive Intermediate January 28, 2015 28 minutes
Predictive Analytics, Part 3: Cluster Analysis Predictive Intermediate January 21, 2015 1 hour
Predictive Analytics, Part 2: Regression Modeling Predictive Intermediate January 14, 2015 56 minutes
Predictive Analytics, Part 1: Data Prep and Investigation Predictive Intermediate January 7, 2015 1 hour 1 minutes
Fuzzy Matching Use Case Advanced December 15, 2014 50 minutes
Alteryx Essentials Essentials Basic December 1, 2014 59 minutes
Parsing Use Case Intermediate October 27, 2014 34 minutes

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Alteryx Essentials

Prerequisites: None
Target audience: Beginner
Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour webinar

Automate your data processes with the power of Alteryx. This virtual course will provide you with the necessary tools to get started building your own analytic processes with the Alteryx Designer Desktop.

You'll learn how to:

  • Build your own data processes
  • Utilize all of the commonly used tools
  • Parse and transform your data for use in visual analytic applications

Tool sets/processes covered:

  • Favorites
  • Text to Columns
  • Transpose and Crosstab



Alteryx Predictive Analytics

Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable building basic Alteryx workflows. Some familiarity with statistical analysis and model development is helpful.
Cost: Free
Duration: Four, 1 hour webinars

Do you know the difference between "categorical" and "continuous" variables? Are you familiar with "p-values" and why they're important? Does the term "least-squares" mean anything to you? Have you performed cluster analysis? If so, this class is for you.

See how the Alteryx Predictive Tools enable you to create powerful predictive analytics workflows without the need to write formulas or code. Perform data investigation, predictive modeling, cluster analysis and time series analysis using the simple drag and drop Alteryx interface.

This course is divided into four one hour virtual training sessions. There is one session per week over the four weeks of the course. Please register for each session you wish to attend.

Session 1: Data Prep and Investigation

Understanding your data is vital before modeling. The majority of time spent on predictive analytics is often on getting data ready and understanding its relationships. In this session you'll:

  • Learn best practices for prepping your model data
  • Analyze your data to identify key relationships

Session 2: Regression Modeling

Once your data is ready there are a variety of modeling techniques available depending on the data type. In this session you'll:

  • Create sample sets to develop and validate your models
  • Develop models using linear, logistic and decision tree analyses
  • Score you model to determine accuracy

Session 3: Cluster Analysis

Which of you customers are similar to other customers? Which of your stores have similar demographics in the surround area? In this session you'll:

  • Use Principal Components to reduce dimensionality
  • Use K-Means Clustering to determine the number of clusters and which records belong in each cluster.

Session 4: Time Series

Data that is time based (values collected over a year for example) has an order which needs to be accounted for. There are several methods available to model and forecast time series. In this session you'll:

  • Learn the difference between ARIMA and ETS modeling
  • Forecast Time Series
  • Compare Time Series Models



Use Cases

Prerequisites: None
Target audience: Beginner to Intermediate
Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour webinar

In this session an Alteryx Solutions Engineer will educate users on how to build an analytical solution leveraging the Alteryx platform to solve common organizational use cases specific to data preparation and parsing, spatial analytics or predictive analytics.


Dates Time Course Location Seats Registration Link
June 16-17 9:00 – 4:00 Pacific Alteryx Fundamentals Irvine 12 Register now
June 18 9:00 – 4:00 Pacific Advanced Data Analysis Irvine 12 Register now

There are no public classes scheduled in May due to the four days of training available at the Inspire Conference, May 17-20. View the agenda.

There will be a one hour break for lunch on your own and beverages are available throughout the day. Dress code is casual.

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Alteryx Fundamentals

Prerequisites: None
Target audience: Beginner
Cost: $1495
Duration: 2 days

Whether you are new to Alteryx or simply need a refresher on basic functionality, this session is for you! This 2-day course will give you the building blocks necessary to create powerful, agile business intelligence processes inside of Alteryx.

You'll learn how to:

  • Build your own data processes
  • Utilize all of the commonly used tools
  • Perform spatial processing
  • Generate customized reports
  • Automate modules for deployment throughout your organization

Tool sets/processes covered:

  • Favorites
  • Spatial analysis
  • Demographic retrieval
  • Reporting/presentation
  • Analytic Apps and Gallery


Advanced Data Analysis

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of module development/Alteryx fundamentals course
Target audience: Intermediate/Advanced users
Cost: $795
Duration: 1 day

Take your data analysis to the next level! This 1-day course will build on basic concepts and teach you how to leverage some of the advanced data processing capabilities available within Alteryx. This course is dedicated to data builders with advanced data processing needs.

You'll learn how to:

  • Dynamically affect data processes
  • Utilize regular expressions to parse data
  • Join data sets based on fuzzy methodology
  • Generate and consume list count retrieval databases for faster large-volume list count retrieval

Tool sets/processes covered:

  • Dynamic tools
  • Regular expressions
  • Multi-row and multi-field formula tools
  • Fuzzy matching
  • List count retrieval


Alteryx Predictive Analytics – Essentials lab

Prerequisites: Alteryx Fundamentals and interest in statistical analysis/model development
Target audience: Intermediate
Cost: $1495 - Book purchase is also required
Duration: 2 Days

Are you ready to take the next step in your business decisions by applying predictive analytics? Do you have data related to your business, but can't tell if it is relevant? Do you know if that data needs cleansing and if so, how to do it? If you are full of questions about how to utilize the Predictive Analytics capabilities inside of Alteryx, this class is for you. Learn how to utilize pre-packaged macros, built with R, for specific analytics such as data investigation and predictive modeling. This course is a hands-on deep dive of our virtual Predictive Essentials training course and will walk those unfamiliar with statistical and modeling concepts through the step-by-step process of incorporating these types of analyses into a simple drag and drop Alteryx workflow.

You'll learn how to:

  • Analyze your data to identify key relationships
  • Prep your model data
  • Develop models using linear, logistic, decision tree and forest analyses
  • Perform cluster analysis

Tool sets/processes covered:

  • Data Investigation
  • Data Preparation
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Forest Model
  • Principal Components
  • K-Centroids Clustering

Required reading: A syllabus of reading assignments will be administered. All required reading will come from the book Customer and Business Analytics: Applied Data Mining for Business Decision Making Using R co-authored by Dr. Dan Putler, our Resident Data Artisan. It is available for purchase in print or Kindle format through Amazon: Customer and Business Analytics at


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