Alteryx Analytics

Product Training


Getting Started

Introduction to Alteryx - Part 1(New for 9.0)

Introduction to Alteryx - Part 2(New for 9.0)

Module Optimization(New for 9.0)

Tips and Tricks


Data Blending

Alteryx — It’s Dynamic(New for 9.0)

Leveraging Regular Expressions(New for 9.0)

Building Regular Expressions(New for 9.0)

Data Parsing Tools(New for 9.0)

Bringing Data Together(New for 9.0)

Formulas for success(New for 9.0)

Data Transformation(New for 9.0)

Intro to Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching – Intermediate

Household and Business Matching Macros


Demographic Analysis(New for 9.0)

Think Big with Calgary(New for 9.0)

Geocoding with Alteryx(New for 9.0)

Using spatial tools - Introduction(New for 9.0)

Using spatial tools - Intermediate(New for 9.0)

Market Basket Analysis Overview



Reporting tools (Part 1)(New for 9.0)

Reporting tools (Part 2)(New for 9.0)

Introduction to Analytic Apps (New for 9.0)

Intro to Macros(New for 9.0)

Interactive Mapping(New for 9.0)


See Alteryx in Action

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