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Gartner Magic Quadrant

Alteryx named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning.

Platform 2018.2 Has Arrived

Discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in the enterprise.


Alteryx is a leader in the self-service data analytics movement with a platform that can prep, blend, and analyze all of your data, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not the weeks that you may be used to.

+ Culture

Purpose-Built and Human-Centered: Learn, Solve and Inspire a Culture of Analytics

A strong data driven organization requires a platform that allows innovation. However, we understand that innovation and analytic excellence cannot be gained by just what you know, but also by what you share. The Alteryx Community provides support with tens of thousands of users and experts to help organizations around the world throughout their analytic journey. It delivers the spring board for sharing insights, knowledge transfer, best practices, and much more. Our vision has been to make your analytic journey even more thrilling by providing you with a modern analytics platform that helps to foster the culture of data science and analytics across your enterprise- regardless of department or skillset.

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Discover + Collaborate

Control Meets Freedom: Unlock the Data Vault and Unleash Your Data Gurus in a Secure Way

Unite all your data workers with data and analytic assets they never knew existed in a controlled and secure way, wherever it's stored - on your desktop, in the cloud, hidden in legacy systems. We make your data more searchable and trackable, while our powerful data lineage and cataloging provides increased visibility for governance - and just like that, data discovery and data security can be made breathtakingly easy. Now you can create a culture of collaboration, sharing, and innovation by extending tribal knowledge across your organization.

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Prepare + Analyze / Model

Grab Your Cape – Calling All Citizen Data Scientists

Flip the 80/20 data prep rule upside down. Unlock all your datasets - big or small, clean or dirty. No waiting. No coding. Connect, profile, prep, and blend all your data, wherever it's stored. Data scientists and citizen users alike can create powerful statistical, predictive, prescriptive, and spatial models, whether that’s in a code-free workflow, or getting down and dirty writing R and Python scripts. Enrich your data with third-party demographic, firmographic, and spatial data sets – while our visualytics let you see how your data changes as you work. Say hello to instant validation, and wave goodbye to outputting to other platforms. And, thanks to our repeatable workflows, no more wasting time doing the same analysis over and over again.

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Share + Scale / Govern

Homegrown For Your LOB - Engineered To Scale With Your Enterprise

A strong analytics culture requires speed, security, flexibility, and the ability to scale. Stop worrying about down-time with our built-in, automatic recovery capabilities. Free up time and resources by offloading intensive analytic processing, and put analytic workflows on autopilot through enterprise scheduling and automation. Need to turn back time? No problem, roll back changes to analytic workflows with built-in version control. We make it easy to secure, scale and centrally manage users, data assets, and workflows as you grow, so you can breathe easy knowing we’ll always be right-sized for your right now and into the future.

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Deploy + Manage

Instant Analytic Gratification: No Month-Long Developments, Let Your Models See the Light of Day

Time. Reliance on IT. Big, months-long expensive custom model deployments. Break through all of it. Most advanced analytical models never see the light of day in production, but with Alteryx, you can embed R, Python, and Alteryx models directly into your production business processes, and actually get actionable insights on-demand. Administer, monitor, and manage the stability of models from a centralized view, and clear your model deployment backlog in minutes – the model production, management and deployment process has never been smoother.

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gartner peer insights

When I Use Alteryx, I Feel Free.

I know I can go anywhere and do anything with data, and I know there's nothing I can't accomplish.

Trevor Jones, Director of IT - VIZIO
Trevor Jones

Alteryx Helps Us Be Strategic…

I’m able to take hours of work and literally pull it out in a three-minute workflow. Alteryx helps us be strategic, and I think that's what I'm most excited about.

Amy Roll, Manager of Compensation Data Analytics – BAE SYSTEMS
Amy Roll

It Makes Us All a Lot Happier.

Alteryx freed up those nights and weekends I was spending with data. Now I spend the time with my family.

Erik Miller, Sr. Systems Engineer – Western Union
Customer Stories Erik Miller