Databricks Starter Kit

Learn How You Can Get Your Data AI-Ready

Databricks Starter Kit

This Starter Kit will jumpstart your integration with Databricks. You’ll learn how you can connect to Databricks and leverage in-database processing to quickly prep, blend and analyze data for business use cases like advanced AI/ML models.

  • Connect your data to Databricks and stream in/out to your desktop
  • Perform in-database functions within Databricks to take advantage of the powerful Databricks infrastructure, with Alteryx’s easy-to-use interface
  • Create your own business logic and customize your workflow using drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code analytics

Explore Ready-To-Use Templates

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Starter Kit Features

Connect Your Own Data

Get data from your own desktop right into the Databricks engine, all using the Alteryx interface

Increase Productivity for High-Value Workloads

Quickly and efficiently process large amounts of data by taking advantage of in-database processing

Solve Real-World Problems

See how you can execute a workflow that addresses practical business use cases