Put Power Behind Your Problem Solving

Technical Training

Follow along with a data science and analytics instructor through courses aimed at the basics to the advanced features in Alteryx. Each training is designed to get you to expert level in just a few short weeks so you can tackle your biggest challenges.


Introduction To Alteryx

New to Alteryx? This entry level class will introduce you to analytics on a code-free platform. The demonstration focuses on the main features and functions of Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server. You will learn how these award-winning technologies help organizations uncover insights from numerous data sources.  


Building Your First Alteryx Workflow

Installed Alteryx Designer and want to get started? This session will guide you through the steps to build your first workflow. You'll learn how to drag and drop tools onto the Alteryx workspace to automate different data-related tasks


Blending Data With Alteryx

Data exists in multiple formats and lives in different systems, databases, and files. Alteryx makes it easy to pull data from disparate sources and blend it all together. This class will show you how to blend data so that you're ready to put it to work. 


Alteryx for Excel Users

Most Excel users lose hours every week updating and trouble-shooting spreadsheets. A seasoned expert will teach you how to transition common Excel functions into an Alteryx workflow. You'll see firsthand  how to save time by automating familiar actions.


Advanced Analytics in Alteryx

This course explores the more advanced capabilities of Alteryx Designer. This knowledge will help you evolve your code-free analytic models to the highest levels of innovation and automation.


Cleaning Your Data With Alteryx

Data is rarely perfect. It's frequently inaccurate, incomplete, and inconsistent. Dirty data is the enemy of the data community. This class will teach you to how to cleanse your data effortlessly using the suite of cleaning tools in Alteryx.


Using Alteryx to Find Patterns In Your Data

Many organizations are striving to uncover associations that are hidden in their data. This class will explain how Alteryx is used to reveal these relationships via Market Basket and/or Network Analysis techniques.


Using Alteryx To Solve Complex Parsing Problems

This course helps you go beyond standard levels of data cleansing. It exposes deeper functions within the Alteryx Platform that offer more advanced clean-up capabilities using a variety of regular expressions.


Summarizing/Reorganizing Your Data With Alteryx

Data professionals often have to slice large volumes of data in different ways like generating a simple summary, reorganizing by groups, or reorienting in different views. This session will cover the powerful data transformation tools included in Alteryx Designer. You will learn how to manipulate, aggregate, and reformat your data to meet your business needs.


Handling Fuzzy Matching Requirements With Alteryx

Merging two data sources is an everyday requirement, but it can be problematic as the data sets typically don't match exactly.  Learn how to address this common situation in Alteryx. This includes mitigating false positives and tackling false negatives.


Publishing, Reporting, Exporting, and Sharing in Alteryx

Sharing your findings is an important dimension of the analytic process. This session will show you how to distribute your insights effortlessly in any format. You'll learn how to leverage the whole Alteryx reporting suite to create charts, reports, and interactive dashboards, plus write back to databases. This training also covers exporting to popular visualization and map vendor formats.


Visualizing Your Data In Alteryx

Alteryx offers a dynamic, interactive interface that visualizes your data as you build out your analytic process. This allows instant validation of your data's quality and completness. This class will help you leverage this powerful capability to build efficient, effective workflows.


Forecasting/Predicting With Alteryx Time Series Suite

Alteryx Time Series tools are leveraged by those who want to forecast or predict values for a future time period (e.g. revenues, market demand, inventory levels, etc.).  Alteryx algorithims analyze historical data to help derive these projections. This training will cover how to utilize each of these tools in your workflows.


Creating and Sharing Alteryx Analytic Apps

Want to share your amazing workflows with other people? You can share with those who don’t have Alteryx Designer too. In this course, you'll learn why and how to create Alteryx Apps that can be shared via the Public Gallery with anyone. 


Incorporating Geospatial Data Into Alteryx Workflows

Location-specific information is often critical to solving key business questions. like how many customers live within a reasonable driving distance of one of your locations. This session will teach you how to incorporate and leverage geospatial data to uncover key insights in your analysis.