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Get the most out of Alteryx Designer Desktop by taking advantage of our free on-demand training videos. This library features recordings each focusing on a specific task or functionality. These sessions allow you to enhance your Alteryx skills where and when you choose.

On Demand Product Training Videos

Please see the Alteryx Help within the product or visit the on-line Help documentation for more information on the features and tools covered in the videos below.

Level Title Category Length Details
1Beginner Connecting to Files Data Input 3:31 Shows the basic steps required to bring in data from any supported file type into Alteryx. This video uses a CSV from the Alteryx Designer SampleData folder as an example.
1Beginner Connecting to Databases Data Input 7:23 Bring in data from a table or SQL Query results from a database, such as SQL server using an ODBC connection.
1Beginner Using the Text to Columns Tool Data Parsing 2:24 Split delimited values from one column into multiple columns.
1Beginner Using the RegEx Tool Data Parsing 4:00 Split values based on a pattern (regular expression) into separate columns.
1Beginner Using the Formula Tool Data Parsing 5:24 Create new fields by extracting the characters from an existing field by position, using a substring, left, getword, and length functions in the Formula tool.
1Beginner Blending Data Overview Data Blending 8:44 Use keys and spatial proximity to combine data sets.
1Beginner Combining Data by Column Name Data Blending 1:52 Use the Union tool to create one data set from multiple sources that have fields with the same names.
1Beginner Combining Data by Column Position Data Blending 2:25 Use the Union tool to create one data set from multiple sources that have the same field order.
1Beginner Combine Data with Different Fields and Headings Data Blending 3:19 Use the Union tool to create one data set from multiple sources that have different field names and field positions with varying data types.
1Beginner Join Two data sets using Key Fields Data Blending 3:52 Use the Join tool to merge two data sets based on a common identifier.
1Beginner Blending Memory Considerations Data Blending 3:52 Reduce the amount of time that processing takes when blending data.
1Beginner Join Multiple Data Streams on Key Fields Data Blending 3:15 Use the Multi-Join tool to merge three or more data sets with the same key field.
2Intermediate Parsing JSON Data Data Parsing 6:06 Create an Alteryx table from downloaded JSON data.
2Intermediate Downloading JSON Managing Data 2:50 Connect to a Web API and download data.
2Intermediate Introduction to Geocoding and Drive Time Spatial 6:18 Create spatial points and calculate drive times between points.
2Intermediate Regression Analysis Predictive 8:23 Estimate the relationship between variables and relate target variables to predictor variables..
2Intermediate Server Architecture Server 9:47 Overview of the basic architecture for the Alteryx Analytical Gallery.
2Intermediate AB Analysis Predictive 6:15 Analyze the results of an AB Test and publish the results to Tableau using the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau
2Intermediate Clustering and Means Analysis Predictive 8:15 Create logical groups based on variable relationships to develop understanding characteristic of customers, locations or products.
2Intermediate Time Series Forecasting Predictive 6:36 Perform forecasting based on past observations within the data set.
2Intermediate Market Basket Analysis Predictive 4:17 Understand the relationship between purchased items and interpret results for future ads and product placement.



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