Starter Kit for Intelligence Suite

Unleash All of Your Analytic Intelligence

Intelligence Suite Starter Kit

This Starter Kit provides analytics templates to jumpstart your journey to no-code advanced analytics using assisted modeling – the guided creation of machine learning models.


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Starter Kit Features

Marketing: Predict Campaign Response of New Customers

Predict which customers are most likely to respond to a marketing promotion.

Finance: Automatically Discover and Flag Invoices That Require Review

Determine which future invoices will likely have errors, then read in a collection of scanned invoices to discover which get flagged by your model for high risk of error.

Recruiting: Automatically Rank Resumes for Further Evaluation

Create a model predicting likelihood of role success, read in candidate resumes to enrich your dataset with location information, and rank resumes by probability of high performance.


Alteryx IS my career. After almost 7 years with the platform I'm more excited now than I was on day 1.

Chris McCleavy, Founder


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