Supply chain optimization and management can bring huge bottom-line savings and efficiency to your organization, yet many still waste hours on outdated solutions. Download the Supply Chain Starter Kit and get up and running with repeatable workflows that will put your analysis on autopilot so you can focus on optimizing other aspects of the supply chain process.

Starter Kit Features


Create an analytic model that provides insights into various vendors to ensure that they consistently provide a quality product by connecting vendor reviews with vendor spend and identifying vendors with poor reviews and vendors with high PO amounts. Finally, output the results to Tableau for broader consumption.



Optimize inventory analysis by identifying predicted order and exhaust dates based on past purchasing behavior and recorded lead times for item shipping. Learn how to predict exhaust dates by analyzing the linear trend of the purchasing behavior per product over the selected historical time, then combine this with the lead-time required for product shipping while also pulling in information for each final destination.



Learn how to build and use linear regression insights to predict how much a customer will spend. Prepare, blend, and analyze your data, then output the results to Tableau for visual exploration.



Learn how to use machine learning to predict machine health. Prepare and blend data, and use our predictive tools to find key indicators that affect machine health, then predict machine fatigue. In addition, incorporate geo-codes to understand where your assets are located. Finally, visualize health patterns by indicators and visualize through Tableau where assets are most likely to fatigue.



Learn how to use predictive tools in Alteryx, such as the Decision Tree Tool, to play out various scenarios and make recommendations to drive yield optimization, increasing speed and quality. In addition, learn how to create an application that can be made available to users through Gallery to manipulate variables such as temperature and humidity to get actionable recommendations.

“I’m very enthusiastic about Alteryx. I have used it a lot and have so many workflows that saved me so much time. In addition of providing an equipment utilization for miles and value forecast the workflow can provide recommendations of equipment that needs intervention in order to maximize its usage. That’s the beauty and advantage of Alteryx!”  
— Jorge Gonzalez Guzman, Brokerage Pricing Analyst, Swift Transportation Company

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