Andy Dé

Senior Director for Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing

Andy Dé was formerly the Senior Director for Healthcare oslutions Strategy and Marketing at Trifacta.

Technology Dec 8, 2020
COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Leverage Advanced Analytics and AI to Mitigate Risk
We explore three of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon, and discuss how advanced analytics and AI can be leveraged to help ...
People Nov 5, 2020
Rewriting the Code of Life
We celebrate the accomplishments of two Nobel Prize-winning women in science, and evaluate how AI/analytics can play a role in supporting ...
Strategy Sep 29, 2020
Robots, Analytics, And The Future of Healthcare Delivery
Discover 14 ways how data, AI, and robotics are transforming the future of healthcare.
Technology May 30, 2020
Let’s Get Clinical With Data + Analytics
See how three healthcare organizations are leveraging analytics to improve the patient experience and optimize supply chain cost savings an...
Technology May 6, 2020
Beyond COVID-19: How will Healthcare Providers Treat Their “Financial Epidemic”?
How can hospitals and health systems proactively respond to improve revenue realization, increase reimbursements, and reduce operating costs...
Technology Apr 23, 2020
5 Ways Digital Health Innovation Will Grow + Evolve Post-Pandemic
The disruption triggered by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has induced unplanned growth across the healthcare industry. Despite these challenges...
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