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Neuigkeiten   |   Gib Bassett   |   29. Dez. 2022

If December signals the end of your company’s fiscal year, now is the time to reflect on your accomplishments. For me, it was an opportunity to help organizations unlock the potential of analytics to improve decisions within supply chains and related industries.

It’s no small challenge, even if it initially sounds like a simple question: how do you adopt new technology so that it creates value quickly, but with an eye on the long game to deliver real improvement?

In the analytics world, it’s all about people, their skills, and how they align optimally with the urgent priorities of the day. It’s not about technology or products but how these inputs help people achieve the organization’s objectives.

For Alteryx, all signs point to contributing to success by upskilling and simplifying the way analytics unfolds for workers of varying backgrounds and roles. If you have a well-integrated data science team collaborating with the business and bringing machine learning models into production, congratulations! You are the exception.

Offering easy-to-use, low and no code applications that map to the common stages of the analytics process is how Alteryx helps customers overcome staffing and skills challenges that hamper analytics maturity improvement. Now that these applications are in the Cloud, it’s easier to provision, manage, and govern Alteryx so that it meets the expectations that IT leaders have for modern enterprise platforms.

For those new to Alteryx, consulting partners bring business domain, applied experience, and technical expertise that accelerates initial use cases while helping new users become self-sufficient to carry the roadmap forward. Even existing Alteryx customers benefit when prioritizing new use cases beyond other departments.

A common challenge that directs my own priorities is how customers adopt Alteryx quickly, confidently, and in a way that balances near-term value with longer term potential. The full value of a platform is realized when use cases accrue meaningful improvements that executives can see. That’s not obvious.

Our instinct is to instead buy single products, or point solutions, to solve our problems. This may help you today, but it creates costly challenges tomorrow (technical debt). Thanks to Alteryx – now in the cloud – this question does not require a binary answer.

The ideal strategy considers variables like business priorities, current skills, how analytics people resources are organized, technical architecture, use case roadmaps, and collaboration within and outside the organization. That sounds like a slow and ponderous path, which is true unless you understand how to orchestrate the adoption of analytics at scale with confidence.

That about summarizes the underlying message in my work throughout 2022, which you can review here.

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I am most grateful to the representatives of our customers who volunteered their time and insights to help others chart their owns paths to success: 7-Eleven, The Kraft Heinz Company, the LEGO Group, Amway, Steward Health Care, Armor Express, and Sainsbury’s.


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