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My Top 10 Sessions to Attend at Inspire Americas 2022

Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx, shares her top 10 sessions to attend at Inspire.

What's New   |   Olivia Duane Adams   |   Apr 6, 2022

Inspire is less than two months away, and now that things are really ramping up, I’ve had a chance to look through many of the breakout sessions and speakers sharing their insights with success in Denver, CO. There’s SO much great content to learn and bring back to your teams, and I want to share some of the sessions that I am excited to attend. There are some truly inspiring stories to be heard, from business transformation to individual upskilling and everything in between. Let’s just consider this my Top 10 Sessions to see at Inspire 2022!


  1. Panel: Educating Data Analytics Expertise Now – Libby Duane, Alteryx CAO, will facilitate this panel discussion proving that data skills are now a job requirement, not a ‘nice to have’ skill putting you in demand. Panelists include a SparkED Education Program graduate who received multiple job offers, a hiring manager, John Lineberger from Adobe, and Sridhar Sundaram, Dean from Cal State Fullerton.
  2. Bringing Analytics to All – Discover how Alteryx helped MillerKnoll develop an Analytics Center of Excellence to meet their goal of driving corporate data literacy for all—in the process upskilling their teams, increasing efficiency nearly 30% and boosting project ROI.
  3. Saving Lives during COVID – During the pandemic, Alteryx enabled the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to slash COVID-19 test result turnaround times from days to just hours. See how automation and data quality insights from Alteryx helped make it happen.
  4. Going from Superuser to Super Leader – Are you an Alteryx analytics superuser considering management? Join Melissa Price as she shares her journey into upper management. Take aways steps to to couple analytics and Alteryx expertise to advance your career.
  5. Boosting Analytical Skills with Gamification – Learn how real estate leader JLL bolsters their analytical powers by using the Alteryx Adventure gamification program to elevate teams from rookies to rock stars. Special bonus: a program version you can replicate in your organization.
  6. Leveraging Analytical Insights – Discover how Alteryx helped Siemens AG gain a fast, economic, and sustainable solution for retrieving insights locked in equipment QR codes distributed across 36 factories worldwide, while standardizing data provisioning in every location.
  7. Automating Supply Chain Analytics – Explore the many ways that analytics automation from Alteryx enabled the LEGO Group to respond confidently to supply chain issues in uncertain times, enabling users to analyze data in ways not possible with traditional supply chain software.
  8. Achieving the Impossible – Discover the ways Alteryx empowered CUNA Mutual Group to “Do the impossible!”—gain new capabilities and support 700 users, 300 dashboards, 135,000 views, and multiple data science initiatives. Come see how it’s done.
  9. Transforming Analytics Capacities – The Nielsen Company needed to come up with a better way to deliver analytics, one that was reliable, secure, and fast—using finite resources and limited skill sets. Sound familiar? Learn how Alteryx helped them do just that.
  10. The Data Behind DEI – Want to understand diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at your org? Then look at the data. See what to do when your data shows outliers and areas for improvement and how to incorporate nonphysical characteristics into you data.

These are just my top sessions, but I hope that they help get your brain going around what you want to see at Inspire! There’s so many fantastic breakout sessions to attend, and it might be hard to get to all of them, but each one will provide some serious benefits! I can’t wait to see and interact with all of you at the event, and if you’re still on the fence about attending, check out the entire session catalog here, and if you’ve already decided to go but haven’t registered yet, you can still get in by checking out the main Inspire site! Are there any sessions that you’re looking forward to that didn’t make my cut?


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