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Use Case

Sales Tax Reporting


Accurately calculating sales tax liability is rarely easy. Tax rules are hyper-local, and most companies use labor-intensive spreadsheet models to compute liability. Use analytics for a quick, deep view of all taxable transactions, then apply the correct tax rate for the locality and transaction type.

Efficiency Gains

Produce quality sales tax reports in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Top-Line Growth

Move beyond outdated industry tools and free up tax group resources for higher-value activities.

Bottom-Line Returns

Reduce the amount of time and money invested in sales tax reporting.

Business Problem

How does your company reconcile and verify the sales tax it pays? In theory, the process is simple: add up all taxable transactions and apply the sales tax rate for the locality. In practice, though, most companies end up crunching aggregated numbers in spreadsheets, applying an inadequate tool to a shallow view of transactions. Manual, time-consuming practices for reconciling tax payments can mean overpaying at best and incurring penalties after an audit at worst.

Alteryx Solution

An end-to-end analytics solution allows you to go beyond top-level figures and reconcile data from all taxable transactions, then effortlessly apply the correct tax rates per locality and transaction type. With custom tables and reports you can justify amounts paid. Configure alerts to apprise your tax group on any incorrectly taxed transaction the moment it hits the general ledger.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Use the Office of Finance starter kit to connect to multiple data sources and import transaction data
  • Blend transaction data together with postal codes and sales tax rates
  • Aggregate the data streams to apply correct tax rates to transactions
  • Create custom tables to export tax rates per transaction or produce summary reports

Alteryx Office of Finance Starter Kit Demo


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