Close More Deals with Analytics

Building a pipeline and closing deals can be challenging. But they’re simple compared to the mysterious, fast-changing trends that make your sales rise or fall.

You have to be agile enough to recognize those trends. You have to be effective enough to apply them. And you have to do it all yesterday.

At Alteryx we “drink our own champagne” every day, with Alteryx Auto Insights for understanding trends. In this on demand webinar, our Global Sales Vice President Rick Crane shows you use cases that reveal how to:

  • Leverage insights to load up your pipeline with prospects fast
  • Coach and challenge your global sales team to do better each quarter
  • Focus on success and smash your sales targets

Like a great sale — this webinar is fast-paced, full of energy, and well worth your time.


Meet our Speakers

Rick Crane

Vice President of Global Accounts, Alteryx

Claire MacFarlane

Senior Professional, Sales Engineering, Alteryx


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