On-Demand Webinar

Harnessing the Power of Trusted Data for Modern Analytics

Presented by TDWI and Alteryx, feat. Polaris

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging analytics to stay competitive. According to TDWI surveys, self-service analytics and machine learning are top priorities for enterprises worldwide. As part of the move to advance their analytics, organizations are collecting and managing new data types, seeking a modern environment to unify their data, and increasing the use of automated tools for managing and analyzing all of this data.

In this environment, trusted data becomes more important than ever.

As analytics is democratized and as organizations train new models with their own diverse data, they will need to ensure that the data has high integrity for accurate output. If they are generating automated output, the input as well as the output needs to be trusted, extending to the analytics produced. Yet, TDWI notes that data quality and timely access to data remain challenges, with comprehensive data governance remaining something of a holy grail.

Join this on-demand webinar to take a deep dive into how to ensure that your organization’s data and analytics can be trusted. Topics include:

  • The emerging analytics landscape
  • The pillars of trusted data
  • Challenges organizations face when it comes to ensuring trusted data
  • Best practices for ensuring trusted data and analytics

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Meet Our Speakers

Fern Halper

VP Research, Senior Research Director for Advanced Analytics at TDWI

Jason Klein

Product Marketing Director, Alteryx

Josh Kyburz

Manager, Sourcing Data Analytics – Insights at Polaris


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