Matt Derda

Matt Derda is a former Director of Product & Customer Marketing at Trifacta.

People Aug 5, 2022
Trifacta Legend June 2022:
Huong Do
Huong Do is a product owner at Canopy. She has a strong background in the data space, including ingestion, aggregations, and ETL transformat...
People Jul 1, 2022
Trifacta Legend May 2022:
Mario Truss & Armin Meyer at Seibert Media
Mario Truss & Armin Meyer are experienced data professionals at Seibert Media, where they and their team build popular collaboration tools, ...
People Apr 20, 2022
Trifacta Legend March 2022:
Bud Johnson at Healthgrades
Bud Johnson is a Sr. Data Operations Manager at Healthgrades, where he and his team help match people with the proper care at the proper tim...
People Mrz 18, 2022
Trifacta Legend February 2022:
Bob Hall at The Home Depot
We’re pleased to announce the Trifacta Legend for February 2022: Bob Hall, Sr. Manager of People Analytics at The Home Depot. 
People Jan 7, 2022
Trifacta Legend December 2021:
Steve Wilkinghoff, Founder & President of BizDog
We’re pleased to announce the Trifacta Legend for December 2021 - Steve Wilkinghoff, Founder & President, BizDog. 
People Mai 27, 2021
Trifacta Legend May 2021: Casey Butcher of Rezco Asset Management
Casey uses Trifacta to filter, clean and standardize the data in these reports so it can be fed to internal databases and used by anyone wit...
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