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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Strategy   |   Paul Warburg   |   Mar 20, 2022

Alteryx helps companies and organizations improve their business intelligence and analytics

Business intelligence and analytics are integral to data-driven companies and organizations, empowering executives to optimize processes, drive new revenue streams and understand new trends. Today, there are a variety of business intelligence and data analysis tools available that leverage intuitive visualization to help business users discover insights faster. Yet further downstream the data pipeline, data must go through a data preparation process to clean and standardize, before reaching business intelligence and analytics tools. In order to ensure accurate analysis allowing the user to make the right business decisions; business users need visibility into their raw data so that they best understand how to leverage and manipulate it.

The Alteryx Designer Cloud Solution

Designer Cloud’s data wrangling solution empowers non-technical business users to wrangle data themselves, exploring and profiling raw data before it reaches business intelligence and analytics tools. Specifically, Designer Cloud can help to:

  • automatically present the user with their data in the most compelling visual representation
  • generate suggested transformations, which learn and adapt to the user’s objective, and allow for a faster, more iterative approach to data wrangling and interact with content. We call this process Predictive Transformation
  • integrate with leading technologies for seamless connectivity

While important, business intelligence and analytics are only one part of the effort required to leverage big data for organization-wide success. With Designer Cloud, business users can get involved in the process earlier on, taking ownership over the data they need to transform their business.

To learn more about how Designer Cloud enables more sophisticated business intelligence and analytics, try the 30 day free trial of Designer Cloud today.