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Automate Your Data Pipeline from AWS S3 to Snowflake

Technology   |   Bertrand Cariou   |   Aug 22, 2022

Automate your data centralization pipeline from AWS S3 to Snowflake without writing code. Alteryx Designer Cloud’s intuitive interface allows for fast data transformation and automation on your data pipelines between Snowflake and AWS.


No Code, No Hassle

Designer Cloud’s automatic profiling helps you find anomalies and discrepancies in the data, reducing the time it takes to clean your data until it’s ready for storing in Snowflake.

By inferring the schema, Designer Cloud automatically structures AWS (Amazon Web Service) data and, with the help of proprietary machine learning technology, identifies cross-dataset join keys, empty values, outliers and any values that don’t match the column’s data type.

How Do I Transfer Data from S3 to Snowflake?

Moving data from AWS into Snowflake can be automated with Designer Cloud’s powerful automation capabilities. Parameterized inputs allow the definition of dynamic rules that determine what data should be picked up on every run and what data to skip.

APIs, webhook notifications and emails with custom triggers enable interoperability between systems and automated notifications on the status of job execution.

ML-Powered Suggestions

Waste no time figuring out which transformation is the most appropriate. By interpreting transformation intent, Designer Cloud leverages a proprietary machine learning algorithm that takes into consideration data selection and the most common transformations performed by our users on similar data.


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