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Use Case

Optimize Employee Learning and Development


Investing in the learning and development of your employees can improve retention and performance, but impact is hard to measure. Logistic regression and survival analysis workflows can help measure the impact of L&D programs.

Top-Line Growth

Train your employees using L&D processes that actually work

Bottom-Line Returns

Eliminate learning methods that aren’t effective

Customer Experience

Ensure customer-facing employees are maximizing skills that improve customer interactions


Business Problem

How can you justify your company’s effort and expenditure on learning and development (L&D) if you can’t measure its impact on employee productivity? Most L&D rests on learning management systems (LMS) that track data on participation and satisfaction but don’t help answer questions about L&D’s long-term, strategic value. Human resources and training groups should know the effects of L&D on employee retention, performance, and engagement, and who would most benefit from it. They should also know which particular programs have the biggest impact.

In their attempt to connect L&D to the bottom line, most companies end up asking more questions of more employees and generate that much more information to go through.

Analytics Solution

By applying analytics for logistic regression and survival analysis to existing data, companies can gauge the impact of L&D programs. The results can help illustrate the impact of L&D through useful employee metrics such as retention and performance.

Analytics empowers analysts to prepare, blend, and analyze data in new ways through configurable and repeatable workflows. Training managers can then make their insights more widely available and use solid data to drive decisions about L&D.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Automatically connect with L&D platforms and import course completion data for each employee
  • Blend L&D engagement data with employee department and performance data
  • Utilize tools like Regression Modeling to uncover what content is most associated with improved performance, compliance, or improved departmental outcomes

1 – Data Connection

Import data directly from learning management platforms and combine L&D engagement with HR data

2 – Advanced Analytics

Feed data into modeling tools like the Logistic Regression tool to find correlations between L&D materials and performance

3 – Data Visualization

Power robust dashboards or send out regular alerts that give insight into training impact


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