Alteryx en comparación con SAS: informe Gartner Peer Insights

Alteryx en comparación con SAS: revisa las calificaciones comparativas de la facilidad de uso, las funcionalidades y mucho más.

Before making your next big analytics decision, know your options. Your first step: This Gartner Peer Insights page that conveniently compares Alteryx and SAS side-by-side.

Alteryx is easy to use for everyone, even if they don’t know a line of code. That means your whole team can contribute to better insights and outcomes — onsite or in the cloud.

See ratings from your peers, plus more quotes like these:

  • “Superb interface makes it easy to master and get up-and-running”
  • “With its simplicity of use, any quantity of data processing is a piece of cake”
  • “Data from [multiple sources] can be connected to and cleaned, easily and instantly”

Alteryx vs. SAS: Get side-by-side ratings on ease of use, capabilities, and more.