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Alteryx Server

Scale, share, and automate your analytic processes.


Analytics Automation at Scale

  • Share and govern your analytic workflow processes, models, and data
  • Create workflows with Alteryx Designer, and publish them to Alteryx Server to schedule reporting and automated outcomes
  • Scale analytics organization-wide with built-in data governance, centrally-managed security, and high availability

Automate Critical Analytic Processes

Publish analytic workflows, processes, and models to Alteryx Server and then automate them so your team’s work is always repeatable and always and has maximum impact.



Find and Repurpose Analytic Assets

  • Identify and access relevant trusted reports, dashboards, apps, and workflows from Alteryx Gallery
  • Accomplish more together by reusing analytic assets that your team has already built and validated — driving massive efficiency gains

Scale Enterprise and Department-wide

  • Alteryx Server provides a flexible architecture that scales with your analytics
  • Schedule analytic processing workflows to automatically deliver outcomes to BI dashboards, enterprise systems, data lakes, RPA systems, Excel,  documents, and more
  • Orchestrate workflows to run at scale by deploying Alteryx Server on premises, in the cloud,  or on hybrid infrastructures using a governed and fault-tolerant enterprise platform

Share, Collaborate, and Create

  • Enable users with permissions to share and update workflows created in Designer or develop rich analytic apps that can be delivered across the organization
  • Use the Alteryx SDK to create customizations and add-ons, such as new data connectors, extensions, new automation building blocks, and more

Secure and Govern Analytic Assets

  • A flexible and secure architecture that is designed to fit into your organization’s governance strategy
  • Built-in authentication, integrated SSO, and a granular permissions model provide enterprise-grade security
  • Monitor usage reports, audit data updates, workflow runs, user activity and track data lineage using the Administration Portal

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