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Alteryx Designer

Prep. Blend. Repeat.

The leading solution for data prep, blending and analytics, with drag-and-drop capabilities that speed up every step of the analytic process.

Save valuable time

Drag-and-drop tools enable analysts to prepare & blend data up to 100x faster than traditional solutions.

Empower the Analysts

Self-service data analytics platform puts the power in every analyst’s hands and removes expensive bottlenecks in the analytics journey

Stay in the flow

Prepare & blend disparate data, visualize & understand each change, analyze & discover insights, and visually communicate answers, all within Designer.

Dig deep into data

Code-free tools extend advanced analytics without the need for an advanced degree & code-friendly tools extends powerful customized code to enhance every analysis.

Enrich & extend

Enhance analytic workflows with 3rd party demographic, firmographic & spatial data or extend for other applications using our APIs & SDKs.


Intuitive Drag and Drop UI

Empowers every analyst to bring disparate data together, analyze, model & share those insights using drag-and-drop tools and track each step of the analytic process with a visual canvas that documents the analysis

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System Requirements

Comprehensive for End-to-End Analytics Automation

  • Create analytic workflows of any business process with 300+ drag & drop analytics automation tools
  • IIntegrate with 80+ data sources and output to over 70 different tools

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Alteryx Connectors

Data Science Made Simple

  • Dig into trends and patterns with low-code, no-code predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Extract data and insights from semi- and unstructured sources such as PDFs, text files and images

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Customizable Analytics with Alteryx SDKs

The Alteryx SDKs allow developers and users to easily add custom tools and formulas to their tool palette using a variety of program languages

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Cloud Connected

  • Native connectors to cloud data sources like Snowflake and Databricks
  • Scale data prep and analytic processes across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid sources

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Se disfrutan más de 1.900 millones de bebidas Coca-Cola por día a nivel mundial.
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Libro electrónico
Lo anticuado frente a lo novedoso: comparación entre la transformación de datos con código y la preparación de datos con Designer Cloud
En este libro electrónico, obtén información sobre cómo Alteryx Designer Cloud proporciona orientación visual e inteligente para automatizar y acelerar la preparación de datos, de modo que puedas obtener insights más rápido.
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  • Preparación de datos y analítica
  • Analista
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Share and automate your analytic process

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Intelligence Suite

Text mining and predictive modeling

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Alteryx Analytics Cloud

Unified analytics, data science, and automation within a single platform

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