Andy MacIsaac

Solutions Marketing Director

Andy MacIsaac, Solutions Marketing Director at Alteryx, leads go-to market messaging and strategy for the public sector and higher education industries.

Technology Dec 5, 2022
The FAA Automates Analytics
In 2021, the federal government released a zero-emissions mandate to all cabinet-level offices. Managing this expansive fleet requires high ...
Technology Oct 17, 2022
Tune Up Your Analytics with McLaren Racing
Discover McLaren Racing’s formula for analytic success.
Technology Sep 23, 2022
Why Alteryx is a Better Choice for Enterprise Analytics
Why Alteryx is a better choice for organizations that want to experience a unified analytics platform that is easy to use and upskills your ...
What's New Aug 24, 2022
Deploy Analytics In A FIPS Capable Environment
Server-FIPS provides expanded access to analytics in environments that require a FIPS-capable experience.
Strategy Aug 19, 2022
Accelerating the Quality of Insights During a Recession
With analytics automation, federal and state agencies can accelerate the quality of insights and operate more efficiently, providing higher ...
Technology Jun 3, 2022
Automating Analytics to Fight Fraud
Fighting the “Fraud of a Generation” with accelerated insights from Alteryx.
Technology May 24, 2022
Automation, Agility, and Now FIPS Compatibility to Empower Government with Insights
The capabilities of Alteryx that have been deployed throughout many levels of government are more readily available to agencies that require...
Technology Mar 28, 2022
Accelerating Insights: McLaren Formula 1 Racing and Federal OIG Audits
The world of audit in the OIG for Federal agencies might not move at the same speed found on F1 racetracks, but the ability to quickly harne...
People Mar 1, 2022
Trifacta and Alteryx Accelerating the Democratization of Analytics for Government
With the recent completed acquisition of Trifacta by Alteryx, government agencies have a partner that can help them navigate the paradigm sh...
People Jan 14, 2022
What Does the Democratization of Analytics Look Like for Government?
For organizations like the US Navy and others, the ability to better leverage data will be built on the capability to upskill the domain exp...
Technology Nov 19, 2021
Automating Data and Analytics to Improve Public Health in LA County
LA County automated analytics to improve public health during the pandemic.
Technology Oct 18, 2021
Analytics Automation Fuels the FAA with Improved Visibility
The FAA and Alteryx illustrate how data and the flow of insights can be a messy business, but with innovative and agile approaches that leve...
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