Andy MacIsaac

Solutions Marketing Director

Andy MacIsaac, Solutions Marketing Director at Alteryx, leads go-to market messaging and strategy for the public sector and higher education industries.

Technology Oct 18, 2021
New Approaches to Geospatial Analytics
In today’s complex world, organizations of all types have come to rely on geospatial data — and geospatial analytics — to solve major ...
People Oct 13, 2021
Why is the Upskilling of Data and Analytics so Important for Government?
By providing analytics solutions that upskill information workers into data-literate knowledge workers, these knowledge workers – individu...
People Sep 30, 2021
Analytics Automation Empowers Critical Business Functions Within the DoD
See how we partnered with Northstrat to deploy innovative analytics across the DoD to ensure these organizations have the insights needed to...
Technology Jun 10, 2021
At the DoD, Data Centric Means Going Beyond Prep and Blend
How do you make the largest organization within the United States Federal Government more data centric? Discover how the Department of Defen...
What's New Jun 3, 2021
Accelerating Analytic Breakthroughs for the Public Sector: Highlights From Inspire 2021
[Spoiler alert] Get ready for a recap of some of the best public sector stories from Inspire 2021.
Technology Apr 22, 2021
How to Quantify Your Analytics Automation Investment
Wondering how to quantify your analytics automation investment? Here are eight public sector business goals and key metrics to measure succe...
Technology Apr 1, 2021
Analytics and the Final Frontier
See how analytic automation boldly goes where no person has gone before.
Strategy Mar 25, 2021
What Are Government Workers Saying About Advanced Analytics?
We surveyed 140 participants at the Alteryx Government Data Summit on their use of advanced analytics. Here's what they had to say.
Technology Mar 18, 2021
A New World for Data and Analytics in Government
In this two-part blog series, we begin with key takeaways from the Alteryx Government Data Summit on the importance of data and analytics in...
Technology Mar 2, 2021
Enabling Breakthroughs for Government: Cloud Native Data Platform + Analytic Process Automation
With Alteryx and Snowflake, government agencies now have a powerful, modern solution to better accomplish their missions through data-driven...
Technology Dec 17, 2020
Wrap Up: Empowering Mission Outcomes Through Analytics + Data Science
We take a year-end look at some of our favorite blogs that highlight government agencies utilizing advanced analytics to drive significant...
Technology Dec 1, 2020
Data, Process, People: The Keys to Successful Digital Transformation in Government
Learn how Analytic Process Automation (APA) helps state and local organizations build the actionable insights needed to accelerate mission ...
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